Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pico de Loro, Maragondon

Mt. Pico de Loro, Our first mountain that we finished(most of us). It was around early December when Rey 'Cobra' Ali asked us to join him in one of his climbs, foolish as we are we said yes. our packs consists of 2L water, Gatorade, Ions, Pocari's and candies. we bought too much stuff because we were so excited, overdosed on trailfoods, drowning on water.

As first timers we took so many pits stops along the way. hahaha we even seen people carrying various stuff up Pico(they told me) Coolers, Bicycles, Grills and maybe 'tolda ni mayor' is in there somewhere. We never actually did an overnight at Pico since it was easily accessible for us to and fro. but recently there are talks to do a Pico-Nasugbu traverse in the group, maybe some beechineering along.

Iteniraries are scattered on the internet since this is a very popular place to climb, so we'll just post some pics that we got.If we ever do the Nasugbu traverse then I will update this page to a Traverse.

Balbs legendary bag, it is still usable as of 042813
Peak Shots

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