Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mt. Batulao, 2nd Time

This is my 2nd time in Mt. Batulao, since my first was a night trek I was reliving my memories on that windy night(2011). I remembered some part of the old trail and most of the new trail, as well as the elevated Bangketa that branches of from the road to the trail.

We had a chance to go with the Couple that will be doing some of their prenup shots on Batulao(photo above), with Ninya as their photographer. I was with my partner Seth Leis and a good friend of mine which recently was broken hearted, Peter Lopez. It was also Peter's First mountain hiking experience.

With the new MMDA Scheme, some bus companies are limited only to load/unload on Coastal Mall. After some research we had some options for a Plan B. Here is our IT.

Day 1
0400 ETD to Nasugbu Bound Bus (DLTB Co. Buendia Taft)
0600 Evercrest Batangas Take Tricycle to Jumpoff point
0630 Jumpoff Point, Start Trek
0730 At fork take LEFT for OLD Campsite
0930 Arrival at Campsite, Pitch
1000 Start Lunch Preparation, Eat Lunch
1200 Head to Summit(OR Sunset option)
1330 Summit take Pictures
1345 Return to Campsite
1445 Campsite, Rest, Freetime
1600 Head to Summit (Sunset Option)
1730 Descend
1800 Prepare Dinner
1830 Dinner time, Socials
2000 Training Batulao Loop

Day 2
0430 Wake Up Call Coffee
0445 Head to Summit
0530 Summit Pictures (Sunrise Option)
0630 Descent to Camp
0730 Choose Route, make Team go for loop
1000 Old Trail
1200 Jumpoff Point
1230 Evercrest Highway (ligo ligo time)
1400 Ride Jeepney to Tagaytay sidetrip for lunch
1600 Bus Home to Cubaoyea!

Trails are well established. Parking spots are available, Locals are friendly, Stores are there at different rest stops. If doing a loop, you have to register also on the other campsite.

Prices are
Mountain Dew 25
Mineral water 50
Bukal Water 10(Liter)
Gin Bilog 50
Empi Light 140
Buko 25
Halo-Halo 25

New Camp store provides more options like Biscuits and Gatorade.

First Pitstop

A view from the trail

Old/Traditional Campsite

Pre-nup. Photographer at Work. Do not Disturb

A mid way view

My Attampt to catch the sunset 

I didnt got his name but he would probably make this his Default Photo

This group came from Mt. Talamitam and did Mt. Batulao! Kudos!

My Climbing Partner Seth Leis!

Mr. Bachelor Peter Paul Lopez!

Doon tayo dadaan??!

Woo! Lapit na??

Conrats Seth on your 2nd Climb!
Congrats Peter on your First! 
Will now descend rapidly
@New Camp

Special thanks to these guys, without them I won't know what my body could do, their stories inspired me to run almost everyday, I'm envied from their tales of the possibilities they could do.

L-R Me, Uls Buelos, Rey Ali, Angelo Legaspi, Kiben Jip, and Joy Ali(photo) 

Here is my previous Mt. Batulao Experience.


  1. Ang bilis mag post! Tawang tawa ako pati yung pagka broken hearted ni Peter ni-mention mo!

    1. hehehe! kaya ang lakas umakyat eh, inspired to be better than yesterday!