Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mt. Cristobal, San Pablo

Mt. Cristobal or The Devils Mountain as some calls it, and we experienced it's powers right from the start, by this time we were more than boys climbing rocks and hills at a nearby construction site, we were now boys with little chest hairs, and we challenged the Mountain.

The first mistake was to climb the mountain after 3PM because someone was late, moving forward our goal was to reach the crater by 6PM and pitch anywhere if there is no more space there. But the first unfortunate news struck us. One of our team members knee was giving in early than expected(supposed to be happening during descents), but we were only 1hr Past the house. So we had to decide, will we go Gung-Ho on our friend? or go back down to Montelibano House and rest for the night then go Commando first thing in the morning? We chose the later.

We came running back down, pitched our tent, cooked our food, drank our booze, drank our neighbors booze and slept. It was effing cold. We're not anywhere the summit, and it was already misty and cold. we had to put our feet in our bags to keep them warm while wearing socks! 

We met other mountaineers then, they confirmed that 30px came ahead of us, Rey knowing how big the campsite is told us it was the right choice to come back down and rest. When we reached the campsite there were 2-3 groups preparing to assault the summit, we cant imagine how did they manage to fit in those camps, I mean, it was already pouring when we slept and it was freakin cold at the bottom, how much more up the saddle and crater? Cristobal as my friend defines it, has its own weather. Now I want to know what Mt. Banahaw is like. So here was our Itinerary which we did not follow because of what was happening.

Mt. Cristobal, Quezon

Day 1
0930 Meetup Robinson's Palapala
1000 Buy goods
1100 ETD to San Pablo
1230 ETA San Pablo
1245 Board jeepney to Kinabuhayan
1330 ETA Kinabuhayan (Mt. Cristobal JumpOff)
1400 Start Trek
1430 Montelibano's House
1730 Crater Rim
1800 Crater Campsite
1830 Pitch tent
1900 Dinner / Inom / Socials
2200 Lights Out

Day 2
0600 Wake up Call
0630 Breakfast
0730 Summit Asault(Iwan na lang gamit)
0800 Summit of Mt. Cristobal 1470 MAsL
0830 Back to campsite
0900 Unpitch and ready to descend.
1200 ETA Montelibano's House. Take a bath.
1230 Kinabuhayan (Arrange jeepney or tricycle to San Pablo)
0200 Late lunch at San Pablo
0300 Uwian na

Overnight Must-haves:
Head Lamp
Jacket (May sariling panahon sa Cristobal)
Extra Shirts + Plastic for waterproofing
2liters + 500ml trail water = 2.5 L

Not so many pictures taken because we were running everywhere and stopped only at Bulwagan Saddle,Crater and Jones Peak.

Bulwagan Saddle Campsite
Rey Chrisofer Ali, our to-go man

Sison Nolasco AKA Knee-Timebomb
Bulwagan Saddle Indicator LOL
Crater Campsite
The Peak

Special Concerns

There are no Half-way campsites here, it is best that you gauge your capabilities if you can make it to the first campsite, the Bulwagan Saddle. We don't recommend night climbs because we are sure you will get lost.

Prepare proper insulation for warmth since Cristobal has its own weather and can be misting and patches of rain can be poured anytime without warning.

Montelibano's House has water and can be used for taking a shower, if you can stand the ice cold water.

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