Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mt. Hibok - Hibok, Camiguin

Mt Hibok- Hibok in Camiguin! This was supposed to be only our side trip in Camiguin while planning for the CDO trip, I jokingly suggested to my travel friend to climb Mt. Hibok since we are already there and she said Yes, she is quite fond of climbing nowadays. So she agreed and next we're on a boat headed to Camiguin!

Our IT was not that well thought out since it was quite storming in Manila and 2 storms just passed up north, so the weather was quite 'wet' and we already knew that a chance for a climb and a view is slim. It was around 6am at Ardent spring jump off, the tour guide suggested we only do a traditional hike(Ardent-Ardent) and not do a traverse since we will still have to do half of the tour later that day, so we agreed to do the traditional hike, we weren't also sure ourselves if we could make it on time.

Our packs was minimal, 2 Sandwiches made for us by Casa Roca, 3L water for the both of us, 1 rain coat and 2 skyflakes. and a Flashlight. so indeed we were packing light. The trek up was estimated around 4 hours on a regular pace, we barely made it in 3 hrs, and the trek down was also estimated as 3hrs, we made it around 2.5hrs. Training does payoff! yay!

The trail was beautiful! first half of the trail up to the philvolcs bunker is almost slow accends and Hot, but on the later half you could say it is all way up. no rest stops here. Just pure 'akyat' and Fogs. We reached the summit and it was too windy! There were fogs everywhere and no views whatsoever, we ate our sandwiches and rested for a few minutes. It was way too cold for us to stay anyway, and went down to the lake only halfway though since there was no view we went back to ardent right after.

Our total time for the climb was
6:30am to 1:00pm 

Total expenses for the climb was
1.5k we booked with the hotel to fix the guide and our travel so we didn't have the breakdown.

0400 Wake-up
0500 ETD to Ardent Spring Jump Off
0545 Breakfast/Coffee at Ardent
0630 Start Trek
0800 Philvolcs Bunker
0945 Summit/Lunch
1015 Head to Lake
1040 Head back to Ardent
1300 Ardent Springs

Some photos, we didn't get a lot since we were not stopping for anything even water. LOL


Me and Emi at the summit

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