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Mt. Pundaquit, Zambales

Birthday Climb: 2nd Take

Anawangin Cove and Nagzasa Cove(also spelled as Nagsasa Cove) are the top reasons why this part of Zambales are flocking with local tourists and foreigners. The traditional route would be to hire a small boat that could ferry you and your things to the Cove and get you back to the mainland at your fancied time, however there was is increase on trekkers taking on Mt. Pundaquit, since it is relatively easy and can be accomplished without resting(without Packs).

Mt. Pundaquit is 464+ MASL, and be warned, you would be starting from an elevation of less that 10 MASL. The Shoulder is 3hrs away from the jump-off point near the beach with normal/slow pacing, and another 15 mins for the assault, Caution on the assault as the rock surface is jagged.

Here is Itinerary for a 2D1N Trip
Starting from San Antonio > Mt. Pundaquit > Anawangin Cove > Nagzasa Cove

Day 0
2300 Departure from Manila(Monumnetp Victory Liner - Iba, Zambales)

Day 1
0300 ETA San Antonio; proceed to Brgy. Pundaquit
0330 ETA Brgy. Pundaquit, coffee break quick snacks
0400 Start Trek toMt. Pundaquit
0700 Arrival at Mt. Pundaquit Shoulder
0715 Summit
0730 Start descent to Anawangin Cove
0930 ETA Anawangin Cove
1000 ETD to Nagsasa Cove by Rented Boat
1045 ETA Nagsasa Cove
1130 Prepare Lunch
1230 Free Time, Siesta Etc.
1800 Prepare Dinner
1900 Socials
2100 Lights Out

Day 2
0600 Prepare Breakfast
0730 Explore Beaches Cove, optional hire local to guide to a nearby waterfalls
1200 Prepare Lunch
1300 Clean up
1330 Break Camp
1500 ETA Brgy Pundaquit, Wait for minibus headed to Olongapo
1700 ETA Olongapo Victory Liner Terminal, Buy Tickets to MLA
2100 ETA Manila

Here are the some pictures taken with Nexus 4.

Panorama Shots
 Majestic Coasts
 Camp Bira-Bira Post
 Imagine having a party here?!
 Our Cook, and our Cottage.
 The dried up Lake
 Pang Hilod anyone?
 Our Guide who has supernatural powers!
Closing in
Summit. Yosi Break. Stolen Shot!

Main Concerns.

Bus to San-Antonio
If you are going to commute from manila to San-Antonio, it is best to buy tickets in advance for the Victory Liner in monumento, since their last trip is around 12AM, especially if you are travelling in a large group and  want to be in the same bus altogether. On the other hand, if you are only travelling with less than 4 in your group you could opt to get a chance passenger bus for your ride.

Guide on Mt. Pundaquit
We were blessed to have a very awesome guide, i forgot his name and will provide soon as i remember him. He was equipped with a Jungle Bolo, an Empty Can of Nido 3+(to scare the balls off the tamaraws if one dared to charge us), and Spartan Flip Flops(Speed +30 Awesomeness +50), but wait there's more, he knows the land like the back of his hand, the wild tamaraws don't dare touch him. Anyway, he was quick and very informative on our questions along the way, he is so awesome that some fellows from the other group joined our group on the descent, that is how awesome he is. I got the number of our boatman/handler that comes with the awesome guide. You can contact kuya Jay-R Agasa at 09173809104.

We'll be straight to the point here, Yes, There is running water there, there is so many water that you will feel guilty for wasting water. Yes, There are Bathrooms, Comfort Rooms  Toilets, Little Girls Room, Little Boys Room and a Palikuran. Shower rooms are based on your understanding what your shower room looks like. We took a shower at the open area. where the water is gushing like a bleeding sea. And we were washing like crazy for shampoo, the glutathione infused papaya soap(with hopes to lighten our skin after burning it), don't forget the 99 in 1 total repair conditioner.

And the Store!
Yes the Store, there is a 7-11(what we mountain people call them) and I remember the price on their luxurious items. 1.5 Sodas price is P120, Tanduay ice (yes they have this) P35, Redhorse Mucho is P60. so logically it is better to drink booze than sugar soaked soda's. they have firewoods(if you don't  have a stove) and can be also used for bonfires, Coffee, Juices, Glass Bottled Sodas, Ice, Rice, Kawali and don't forget the Luya.

The people here are the best, they will help you get what you need to be done, without a price, they will cook for you, start a fire for you because you can't start one, they can hunt for you(no lol im joking),  Investigate your lover if they are having an affair(yes, they do, no i'm just joking. LOL). There was one guy that struck me the most and I wanted to help him, give him my clothes if i only could. He was a native, an Aeta, he was wearing a torn Christmas-ish style sweater, torn local jersey shorts, has something wrong with his right leg and he Smiles a lot  That got me, he is in that state, in those torn clothes, and he is smiling at us. he is happy. He took our bags so fast and brought it to the rented hut, when we were leaving he carried all our bags(he has a broken leg remember?) because my friends didn't stop him and I was mad at them for making him carry , i wanted to carry our bags :) so as a little side note, the next time i'll be coming to nagsasa, i'll be bringing him some clothes, some flip flops(alpombra, spartan, sandugo) some shorts too, and if you do find my story interesting and moved you(or an eyebrow) you can look for him at the camp by the store, look for a guy with a broken-ish leg, and give him a shirt for me.

Boat ride
It's a Bumpy ride. We rode a small boat. good for 4 people(the boatman and his son not included) with 3 Heavy 50L+ Packs.

Getting Back
After a successful adventure it's time to go back to manila, a fast way to do this is take a tricycle back to San Antonio and wait for a regular, no-air conditioning, no foam seats, wag-sana-ako-amakatabi-ng-lasing, Mini-Bus that will let you off at Olongapo Victory liner bus station. Optional Side trip. Along olongapo are very nice "Recreational Bars" that has some exotic "goods". 

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