Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mt. Daguldol, Laiya

Mt Daguldol starts from the White Sand Beach of Laiya to grueling 3 hrs non-stop accent to the top. The heat will be your first opponent here, not the non-stop assault, the heat can make your water disappear halfway to the summit. There are Halo-Halo's at Lizardos Place and at the fishing Village, they cost around P20 which is OK. The trail here is pretty straightforward and can get a little confusing since Cows, Horses, Carabaos make trails everywhere, and yes there are Goats too. 

We met up at San Juan Public market, we bought our supplies there, some rope for safety reasons, water(for the containers really), snacks, canned goods, rice, tried some pancit canton(special daw yun). The PUJ headed for Brgy Hugom is just around the corner, you will see a lot of people heading to the beach, a lot of tricycle drivers will try to get you at an overpriced service, take the Jeep instead. You will then be off boarded at the registration point for P30 per head, and a guide is required P350. No worries on Overnight guide fees, they can make hatid you to the summit and thats it. You'll only need to pay them for a day.

This is our IT during that climb.

Mt Daguldol Expedition

Day 1
0430 Cubao Kamias Terminal to San Juan via ALPS Bus Liner Fare: Php 188
0730 San Juan Terminal
0830 Take Jeep from San Juan Market to Brgy.Php 40
0900 Brgy. Hugom / Registration / Guide Fee:350 Guide
0930 Start Trek along Laiya Beach
0945 Fishing Village Jump Off Point
1000 Start Trek from Jump Off
1400 Niyugan Campsite(possible but. NO.)
1430 Merienda Time!
1600 Start Assault to Summit
1630 Summit Enjoy Sunset
1730 Start Descent to Camp.
1800 Socials! ! ! !

Day 2
0630 Assault agad for Sunrise. LOL
0730 Descent to Camp
0800 Breakfast
0900 Break Camp
0930 Start Decent
1030 Mang Lizardos Place
1130 Side Trip to Naambon Falls(1hr)
1230 Resume Decent
1330 Fishing Village Continue to Barangay Hugom
1400 Get a Tricycle to Jeepney Terminal
1430 Jeepney Terminal to San Juan Bus Terminal
1830 Manila Edsa

Potluck, But everyone is required to bring something to Share with everyone else! rawr.
For water, You will need a Container(4L or 6L Containers) since major stopovers have running water sources.

Clothes(para sa pag uwi)
Clothes Ulit(SwimWear para sa dagat and Falls, sino atapang a-tao?)
Kapote / Plastic bag
Ilaw. Oo Ilaw. Magdala ka ng Ilaw. Para pag dumilim sa tanghali.
Trail foods(Pinya, Fruit Cocktail, Pine-Orange, or fresh Watermelon)

 Designated Photographer only has her dSLR
 More Walking Less Posing!
 Halfway to the Fishing Village
The Halo-Halo 
Through the Fishing Village
Mang Lizardos Place
Niyugan Campsite, Buko Store
 Uhm? Dumaan ba tayo dito?
 The Base of Operations

 The Horse. and The Horse ***t
Jump Shot! Next Japan-Japan!

Special Concerns

Water Source
First Water source will be at the Fishing Village, they have lots of supplies there, a lot of sari sari stores, you can even have lunch there then proceed the trek.
Second Water source is at Mang Lizardos House, the halfway to the summit point indicator.
Third Water source will be at the Niyugan(buko kaya yun!) House, where an old and happy Old Timer will sell you a buko for P20, i bought like 3 of these to help him. Please do the same.
Fourth and last Water Source is at the campsite(Shoulder). they are all continuously gushing out like a bleeding river. Bring your own water if you cant stand running water as an alternative for drinking water.

The Sun
Yes the sun. We got Burned. Bad. I got Tan Lines, a little more and it will be nasty. Bring a hat, an arm warmer, a scarf to avoid the choco-na-batok or batok-na-choco scenario. We seriously don't recommend to start off like we did. At 12 Noon.

The Moon
The evening could get quite cold. Your party will be experiencing fogs as early as 7PM, and can get burning hot sun rays as early as 9AM.


  1. benta yung batok na choco! hahaha

    1. Eh iwas iwas nalang sa ganun.. Mas mahirap ung mas maitim pa ang batok kesa sa siko or kutis hahaha :)