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Mt. Makiling, Batangas - Los Banos

2nd Take: Mt. Makiling Time Attack

Mt. Makiling, entry point is in Sto.Tomas Batangas and Exit Point is at University of the Philippines Los Banos(UPLB). That is for the Makiling traverse. Our initial plan was to meet up around 6AM and start-off before 7AM. So I planned to sleep at one of my friends in Manggahan, Cavite. I picked him up from work and went straight to Robinsons Pala-Pala to buy our lunch and some supplies for our friend who is climbing commando style.

Our menu for tomorrow is Adobong Manok! At first he was hesitant to choose which part would be the 'best' part for Adobo, I said boneless? He then pointed at the whole leg part of the chicken. So I said OK. And what shocked me is that he also bought a Wing. Single. Not plural. Not a pair of Wings. Just a Wing. 1 Wing. He then muttered 'masarap adobo natin nito!' 

It was still early in Cavite,so we decided to drink some carbs somewhere, then we came across some 'Billyaran' and drank Red Horse Extra Strong, oh it was strong. He felt sleepy after drinking only half of it.  After finishing a bottle we went back to his place oriented who's gonna carry what and where watched TV and talked about Togonon and stuff and he went to sleep. Right on his sofa where I was supposed to be lying.

At the time of this writing, I cant Sleep. It is 0313 less than 3hrs to jump-off and I cant Sleep. Good luck to me when crossing the ridge later. Will update soon with pics and IT.

And we jumped off pretty late before 9AM, we took the Planganna Trail because Rey knows this by heart and merged with the Sipit Trail 1hr after. There we met a local from Sipit trail saying that the trail we used(planganna) is closed and should use sipit, he even threatened us na pabababain kami to re register again, later we found out from other fellow mountaineers that it was not that serious, they just want the mountain for themselves.

So we pushed forward trail after trail, cogons, talahibs, 3 feet steps, rope segments, obstacle courses(wild boar trail should be called wild monkey trail). We reached Haring bato, it was a big rock. Then an hour more hiking and climbing and ropes at the ridge we reached Peak 3. Pass Peak 3 and it is the Wild Boar Trail 1hr of continuous acrobatic moves leads you to Peak 2! and after and hour of trailrunning and jumping downwards we reached  Malaboo Campsite, this is where the rocky roads start. And it was so long it got dark. LOL. after passing Agila Base we came across some underbone scooters offering a ride down to UPLB for P75 a head, so we rode!.

After cleaning up and waiting for the jeep in UPLB, we ate at Jollibee and went our separate ways. I had to ride to Alabang then take another bus to Megamall since there was already none around 11pm at Calamba.

So here is our ideal itinerary

Pala-pala, Dasmariñas (para sa mga taga ROHM)
Sto. Tomas Public Market (para sa D4i Mountaineering club)

0600 : ETA Sto Tomas Public Market
0615 : Tricycle ride to Brgy. San Bartolome
0630 : ETA San. Bartolome. Register.
0645 : Start Trek.
0730 : ETA Kubo
0930 : First water source.
1030 : Melkas Ridge
1130 : ETA Peak 3
1200 : Descent to Mossy forest
1330 : ETA Peak 2 ( Mt. Makiling Summit). Lunch.
1430 : Start Descent
1630 : Agila Base
1730 : UPLB
1800 : Uwian na

Things to bring:

Water : Depende sa inyo yan. 1L sa di madaling uhawin.
Energy Drink : 100 plus/Gatorade
Extra Shirt : Pamalit pauwi! May part na maputik sa Makiling.
Packed Lunch : Yung sakto lang. Di pang fiesta.
Trail Food : Pineapple Tid Bits or any snack na di nakakauhaw. (para may pamatid gutom every rest stops)


-Pack your bags light! As much as possible don't bring unnecessary things. Mas magaan bag mas mabilis umakyat.
-Iwaterproof ang ating damit at gadget ( ilagay sa plastic). Kahit summer mabasa or may konting ulan sa Makiling(between Peak 3 and Peak 2).
-Use your best outdoor/trail shoes.

What to expect:
5-6 hours of climbing up and 4 hours down.
Summit is covered with trees and most of the time cloudy.
Roped segments at ridges.
Narrow and obstacle course-like trails Limatik (Blood Leeches especially at Wild Boar Trail)

Some pics courtesy of Rey "Cobra" Ali
Planganna Water Source

Photos at Haring Bato

Peak 3 Shots

Pitstop at Cliffside

Peak 3 View
Incase may mawala bibilugan nalang kung sino!

Peak 3 5PM

Special Concerns

Water Sources
In my opinion and stomach the water source at the planganna trail is safe to drink, but not for the weak stomach, the water is clear and consumable as an emergency supply only and should not be substituted to a suitable drinking water.

Rope Segments
There are dozens of rope segments leading to peak 3 and peak 2. nothing you can't handle on the way up, how ever if you are coming form UPLB towards sipit or planganna it will be a hard fight down.

After agila base there are scooters that can escort you to UPLB for a fee of P75ea, it is a long walk down.
From UPLB take jeep to Calamba Crossing, get down at terminals and look for your ride.
Buses bound to manila are nowhere to be found around 1030. however there are busses that caters up to alabang, and there you can switch to other busses you fancy.

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