Monday, April 15, 2013

Where it all started

Pico de Loro my 1st Mountain

My name is Gene, actually I go by a lot of names, probably a bad habit since I move around so much, some call me mote, mots, gene, g and by my whole first name. I was not active in outdoor activities, I don't even have a sport to begin with, my life was just ordinary, a few out of towns here and there, long drives just no sense of getting lost yet. Then I was introduced to Mountaineering by a very good friend Rey Ali, he basically changed my view with life(it became more awesome!)

I have met new friends, new companions, seen new things and been to places that I never thought to be at. Sorsogon, Davao, CDO, Camiguin, Bukidnon, Benguet, Bataan, Los Banos and Zambales. Mountaineering also taught me about culture, people and tradition of places I visit. I plan to share the experience to other people in hope by that time I will be capable of guiding them, even on this small journal or blog.

I was Introduced to backpacking and Mountaineering on December 2011, I met them in the most uncommon places i could ever think of, in a Start-Up IT Company. A Communications Engineer, A Philosphy major, An IT Guy, a Frustrated Engineer and a Psycholgy Major. Yes we are one of a kind. Our Club is still Standing even after the Company had troubles, we still carry it's name. The D4i Mountaineering Club. 

Our First Task was Conquering Pico De Loro.. And that was only the first step. Next came Batulao, Maculot, Cristobal, Pundaquit, Daguldol, Makiling and many more. 

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