Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mt. Mariveles (Tarak Ridge)

Mt. Tarak Ridge in Alas-asin, Mariveles, Bataan, Philippines. phew. haba. Some dubbed this as a replica of Daguldol but with longer and steeper steps.

I climbed with my company's Mountaineering Group, this was my first time with them and i dont want to give them any wrong idea about me so i did the best I can, i trained for a month for future climbs like this and also to prepare myself for Pulag(akiki) and maybe GCT if not G2(pangarap koy di maabot~~ dahil sa tuhod na malambott~~).

Our journey started at Bataan Transit which leaves at 3AM or when the bus gets full. As it was my first time, i was looking everywhere for them, looking for people wearing hiking gears, bags with raincovers and the like. Then at the store I saw Ms. Arecar, she was buying trail water while i was arguing with myself if to buy a P50 1L Summit Drinking water(presyong turista). Sir Fil arrived with Sir Gelo and Sir Agot we all boarded and started a wonderful journey(wansapanataym).

This is our it, the original was a copy of Tramping Philippines and I took the liberty to adjust it as i remembered it.

0200 – Meet up at Bataan Transit Cubao(Next to Superlines)
0300 – ETD Bus to Mariveles
0730 – Arrival at Alas-asin, register, breakfast
0800 – Start trek
0845 – Arrival at Aling Kurding’s house
1000 – Arrival at Papaya River, rest
1030 – Start assault to Ridge-Campsite
1300 – Arrival at Tarak Ridge,  eat late lunch, rest
1400 – Trek Down to Papaya River
1600 – Arrival at Papaya river, rest
1615 – Trek Back to Jump-off
1800 – Back at Jump-off, tidy up
1830 – Board Mini-Bus to Balanga, Genesis terminal
2000 - Genesis Terminal(Last trip 830pm)
2300 - ETA Cubao

Special Concerns

It is a lot like Batulao for the first part of the trail going in to the forest. Then a resemblance to a drier Pico de Loro for the next half filled with roots. However the trail to Papaya river is easy 'rolling trail' as they say it, slow accents and descents. After papaya River is the most happiest time of your life. 2hrs accent.

Water Source
Papaya River is a reliable water source. I drank and nothing happened to me. I didnt turned to a spongebob or anything yellow. So it's safe.

Papaya River is also a campsite. There is a lot of campsites at the ridge. Dome types are suggested to stay away at the windy parts. Tadpoles or low-rise tents are suggested.

The Jump Off Sign
After 10 mins of walking
After 30 mins of walking
45 mins :)
The mountaineer Store! Thanks Lola for the Fruit!
1/4th mark. The junction.
Nice view but we were still low.
Papaya River Camp!

Mt Tarak(im on the ridge)

I see islands! name them!

A higher Spot a better view!

IBM Blue Mountaineers

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