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Mt. Pulag, Kabayan

Mt. Pulag (Akiki - Ambangeg) May 25-26, 2013
Mt. Pulag (Ambangeg - Ambangeg) Dec 27-29, 2013 here.

This trip was planned carefully and reached to a Plan C if everything else fails. Our group consists of 6 individuals but we managed to merge with another group for the chartered jeep, their count were 8, all in all we were 14 individuals with the same Basagan ng Tuhod IT 2days Akiki trail.

The trail progressed like this: Give or take a few Hours for rests.

Eddet River(3hrs) > Marlboro Country(4hrs) > Mossy Forest(3hrs) > Grasslands (2hrs)> Saddle Camp > Summit

It was quite possible really a simple 10-12hrs trek through and camp at saddle seems possible right? I mean what else could go wrong? Rain? Fog? Gusts? Exhaustion? Yep. Just when we thought that rain was the worst thing that could happen.. The temperature dropped noticeably and that made us think.

We were almost at the grasslands after 2hrs trekking the mossy forest while it was raining. Me and my guest Agot Zabella went on ahead to scout the saddle campsite. When we reached the first accent after the Mossy Forest, I heard Rey calling out my name, he was telling me that they would do an emergency camp in mossy forest, because one of our group member got cold really bad.

Me and Agot decided to push forward since our position in the grassland has no emergency campsite whatsoever. We reached the Jr. Pulag site just before the saddle campsite(we didn’t know it was the jr. Pulag and that the saddle is only a 20mins descent. The fog was so thick that we thought it was still 1hr away). We pitched our tent barely falling from the cliff. It was still. Good thing we had heavy TPU tents.

As I pitched my tent, it was roomy, my tent was good enough for 3 persons with all the stuff inside. I was alone at first, then came our guide with one of the bags that contain my cookset. We were saved! My mind was set to eat pineapple tidbits for dinner. The guide asked for a light so I handed mine, later he came back with Sison who was dry as the sun.

We managed to cook dinner, The menu was Rice with boiled Vienna sausage and Boilied Spam, because the cooking oil was with the other group in mossy forest. They had the oil, we had the rice.
What kept me warm was the 3-in-1 Kopiko Brown Coffee, when im feeling cold I drink coffee instead, it didn’t make me awake or hyper. It made me sleep. Sison was scheming to take my blanket from me when I was sleeping. Bad Sison.

I got word from Rey that they would continue to trek at 5 am, so by that time I was packing all the things and told Sison to do the same but  cook breakfast first.. The menu was the same as before. Boiled spam and sausage. We started the assault before 7am, no need for the sunrise, we already had shots at our campsites :D. We reached the summit shortly before 8am, and cooked our breakfast at the summit, packed some spam in containers for trail food, drank our booze, and planned for the descent.

The time for the descent was 9am our target was to reach BABADAK Ranger station at 11am. So it was a 2hr run from the summit to the Jump off point in Ambangeg. Yep it was crazy.. And yes we did make it.

Here is the IT.

Day 0
2100 Assembly. Victory Liner Cubao
2200 ETD to Baguio City

Day 1
0430 ETA Baguio City
0500 Taxi to Old Slaughter Terminal
0530 Breakfast near Van Terminal bound to Kabayan
0630 ETD to Akiki Jump-off
1000 ETA Akiki Jump-off
1015 30-minute assault to Ranger Station
1030 Arrange Guides. Registration and Mandatory Orientation
1100 Start Trek
1300 Eddet River. Lunch.
1400 Start Trek to Marlboro Country (Non-stop Assault)
1700 ETA Marlboro Country
1800 Shed(water source). Snack. (if weather permits, continue trek)
1830 Continue trek to Mossy Forest.
1930 Jr. Pulag
2030 ETA Saddle Campsite
2100 Pitch Tent.
2130 Prepare Dinner
2200 Dinner and Socials.
2300 Lights out.

Day 2
0400 Wake-up Call
0435 Prepare Hot Soup or Coffee
0500 Summit Assault for Sunrise
0520 ETA Summit. Take nothing but pictures.
0600 Descent back to Saddle Campsite
0630 Heavy Breakfast
0730 Break Camp
0800 Start Descent
1000 Camp 2 Ambangeg
1100 Babadak Ranger Station
1130 Log-out. Arrange habal-habal ride or hitch jeepney(to Baguio or Ambangeg DENR Station)
1230 ETA DENR Station. Log out.
1300 Fast paced Ligo.
1330 Wait Bus bound to Baguio City. Last trip.

1730 ETA Baguio City

Some Pics!

Looking for a place to eat breakfast
Breakfast! pancakes and Fried Chicken!
Orientation and Reminders!
Group Picture Akiki 2 Days IT

Heading to Eddet River
Waiting Shed First stop over.
Onwards to Eddet!
Hanlayo naman ng River..
Take 5! pahinga naman pag may time!

Im the king of le rock!
Fatigue is catching up..
Why is this moving...

easy peasy!
Picture dali!

Bye Eddet..
Hell Starts Here.

When you thought it wouldn't get any worse..
Ponchos On!
Slender Hill..
Mossy Forest Clearing.

Last time we ever felt dry.
My only Heat source.. Kopiko 3-in-1
My bunkmate sleeping like a log.

Lets drink to that. 

The Ali Siblings. One hell of a climber.

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