Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mt. Amuyao, Bokod

Mt. Amuyao that is 2702 masl. Seems to be pretty high, So after a month of running 4k's and 2k's uphill and flats, it's time to test the fruits of my labor, for those who don't know, at Mt. Pulag(akiki) my heart was pumping mad for 8hrs straight, one reason is that I didn't do cardio, next my trapezoids were hurting from the backpack with 15 kilos of stuff. So after Pulag I came up with something to  target these areas, the plan was to run 4k and 2k alternately for 4 weeks, and then during off days do core exercises and shoulder training. As of this writing my back hurts, my shoulders hurts, my stomach hurts and my ankles hurts. 2 days to Amuyao.

Update! Post Climb

Upon reaching the jump off and registering we found out the last climb made was a month ago, May 2013, this just shows how hard to find a climb on Mt. Amuyao. We are a total of 8pax, the Emergency Campsite could only accommodate 2 Dome Tents due to its slight inclined land. Good thing the stoic could accommodate 4 adults so was the TNF 22 of Chris.

It is not that cold on Mt. Amuyao compared to Mt. Pulag's weather. My bags right strap is almost torn, i guess it cant carry heavy loads. My legs hurt after the climb a feeling that i hadn't felt since last year. 

We (the advance party) reached the Jump off point at around 130pm that's a total of 24hrs. Yay! The water was very cold. I had to curse and jog inside just to tolerate the water. The Tail party came in around 3pm and we closed the journey at 4pm, got in our jeep, and the driver was making up for lost time so just we could reach the bus station before 7pm the last trip. We arrive around 6:15 and had a quick dinner before boarding. we had Chicken at a nearby carinderia and unli-rice with lola speaking in English! :) after we boarded we slept for 8 hrs. That's how tired we were. Upon reaching home at 4am. slept a few minutes and  went to work. Awesome.

This serves as a training climb for Mt. Apo :)

Our planned IT is below.

Day 0 - Jun 21
2100 Assembly at Ohayami Station in Cor. J. Fajardo St., Lacson Ave, Sampaloc, Manila
2200 ETD for Banaue, Ifugao

Day 1 – Jun 22
0700 ETA Banaue/ Breakfast
0900 ETD for Barlig, Mountain Province, via rented jeep
1100 ETA Macalama, Barlig. Lunch before trek.
1200 Start Trek (may be deferred if sun's heat too intense)
1700 ETA Barlig Viewpoint (~2400 MASL)
1800 ETA Summit. Either camp outside or stay at bunkhouses.
1900 Dinner / socials

Day 2 – Jun 23
0700 Wake-up Call / Breakfast
0900 Start descent
0945 Back at Barlig Viewpoint
1300 Back at jump-off point; lunch. Take jeep to Bontoc/Banaue.
1530 Back in Banaue, wait for 1730hr, 1900hr, or 2000hr trips to


ID 50
Miscellaneous  50
Registration Fee (Municipal) 20
Reg Fee Brgy. Macalana 50
Transpo(MNL-Banaue) 450
Transpo (Banaue-MNL) 450
Guide/Porter*  120 (600/day)
Chartered Jeep*  700 (7,000 two-way)
Food 200**
TOTAL EXPENSE 2,090 nett
*computation based on 10 pax
**provision for socials booze & food for guide/porter

And what really happened was:

1900 E-Camp
0330 Wake Up, Coffee
0400 Start assult trek
0450 Campsite (No sign Look for a path on Left side while Summiting)
0510 Arrival @ Water Source (No sign listen for Streaming Water)
0530 View Deck Sunrise viewing
0550 Arrival at Summit Bunkhouses
0610 Start Descent
0700 Arrival at E-Camp
0930  Start Descent
1330  Arrival at Barlig Jump off
1600  ETD to Ohayami Bus(Banaue)


Group Pic @ Las Vegas Cafe (im serious)
Bayad-Bayad din kay boss pag may time :D
2nd Group Pic
Rice. Terraces.
Chris, me and Kyle
What has life to offer? When I grow Old??

Nung malakas pa topload pa.
Boss Dindo!
Barlig, Jump-Off Point
Boss Romy!
Summit Assault Team

Special Notes:

Guide fees are High. 1000 php for a day and they don't know the traverse route
Porter fees are negotiable
There are only 2 notable campsites that could accommodate 2 or more tents, the 1st one is where we E-camped and next one is 30-45 minutes further.
Trail is 80% Stairs and 20% rolling. so every 8 stair steps you get 2 steps of 'patag'.

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