Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mt. Romelo, Famy

After a major Climb at Mt. Amuyao some of my friends planned to do something recreational for a change, so here was the Plan B. Mt. Romelo, the target was to accomplish 3 famous Falls of the Mountain, namely Buruwisan, Lanzones and Batya-Batya, the other one was Sampaloc.

Buruwisan is at the middle, where the campsite and summit is accessible.
Lanzones is 15 minutes away from Buruwisan.
Batya-Batya is on the other side of Buruwisan, 30 mins away and has to swim across a river to get there
Sampaloc is on the same lane of Batya-Batya. 1 hour away from Buruwisan.

We rode the Raymond Busline, an ordinary fare bus located at LRT Legarda(300m away from the station), Bus fare was php110 and the destination was Infanta, just say you're gonna get off at Buruwisan Falls. Upon alighting there will be people offering services as Guides or Porter for your things, Look for Idol Rey, he's a guide and is a good one at that, he is very helpful. Promise. Master Rey - 09213160113. His services will cost you 300 bucks, for a one way trip and 600 for both ways(this includes all the falls you can manage)

The IT.
0600 Meetup at LRT Santolan
0630 Legarda Station
0700 ETD to Buruwisan

1000 Jump Off Registration Point
10:15 Start Trek

1100 First 7-11 Store
1200 2nd 7-11 Store
1300 Campsite
1315 Buruwisan Falls
1400 ETD to Lanzones from Buruwisan
1415 Lanzonesa Falls / Lunch
1445 ETD to Campsite
1500 Campsite/Buruwisan Falls

We opted to go to Batya-Batya 2 of us can swim while the other 2 can't, so as the guide said it is 30mins away from where we are and a total of 1hr, and suggested that we descent as early as 4pm. He said it would take us 3 hrs to get down.(3hrs up 3 hrs down??) so in the end. We went back to Buruwisan and spend the remaining hour there.

1600 ETD to Descent
1730 Registration/Jump off Point - Swim at local dam with labandera and mangingisda nearby.
1800 Tricycle to Famy junction (dunkin Donuts and Generics Pharmacy Landmark)
1820 ETD of Colorum Ordinary Fare Van headed to MLA via same route of busses.
1000 ETA Rosario Pasig.

There wasn't really an IT, the planner just went and I made it along :D


Top to Bottom Rey idol, Emi, Danica, Ninya

After an hour of slow mud walking. 1st 7-11

Apparently this was closed that day.
Another 7-11 :D
And here is the Campsite Mark, The Locals Hut

75 degree descent straight to Buruwisan

Ayaw pa nila mabasa.. nung una
Group Picture! One Seat Apart!
Trail to Lanzones

Lanzones Falls *Emi not Included*
Best Photograph Goes to... Ninya Regalado! Here is her Blog!

What's Life has to offer, When I Grow old?

Bloggers Note: If you ever want to see this guy. It's at the Buruwisan 70 degree descent. Don't look for it. It will look for you.

Store Price at the Campsite for References (July 2013)
1.5 Cokes 120php
Redhorse Mucho 130php
3in1 10php with hot water 15php
Emperador Lights 120php
Mountain Dew 25php
there are noodles and some other stuff too. no butane though.

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