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Mt. Tabayoc, Benguet

Mt. Tabayoc Summit View
Mt. Tabayoc, the 2nd highest in Luzon, and ranks 5th in the Philippines, with 2,840+ MASL, and with a technical trail, you will definitely enjoy your climb.

The trail goes through a plantation field and enters a Mossy forest, its all mossy to peak 1 and peak 2, you need to have good balancing skills, as well as acrobatic prowess to avoid any difficulty in the trails. There are boulders(not that big though) and boulders with moss, yep may mga nadudulas :D

The initial time that Master Santiago, our guide, estimated for our climb was 8 hours, or somewhat in that time range 4 hours up(minimum) for our group, with only daypacks. The weather was very nice that day, I had worse (on my Pulag Climb).

This was a training Climb for our Mt. Apo Expedition, this was supposed to be 2-Climb adventure doing Mt. Timbak on the way back to baguio and for some weather reasons we didn't continue as it was pouring hard when we got to the Timbak Jumpoff, we had then opted to go back to the City and spend the remaining night there, socializing.

At the first night of socializing it was very cold, the group was putting up layers and layers of clothing, you could imagine how cold it was. What kept us warm was the task we were doing, everybody was cooking, because everybody was hungry!  We had Pasta! Spaghetti and Pesto! Yum! i had Pesto then some Spag then Pesto again, there was pork and chicken for us to munch on after eating, some of the group went inside their tents to sleep early, some of us stay cleaning and preparing food for the next day, after the chores it was already around 12am, then Master Fil called me to join in for the last bottle of Gin lying around, I cannot refuse our TL :D, after finishing the bottle everyone was fast asleep I decided to take a walk around the campsite, the Moon was bright, the wind was mild and walked and  I stood around for 10 minutes, just admiring the place, it's silence, the stars, the ambiance, the coldness, the feeling that you are out of your comfort zone.

Got in my tent around 1:30 and set an alarm for 4am to wake everyone else  up for the summit assault. 4am came and i have the worst katamaran moments in my life. I sat up half awake, half motivated to move in anyway. It was cold and i was cold too, I just told myself to move, i kneeled got my raincoat on, went outside, started the lamp, got a pot, got some water boiling. Got some cups in my tent, prepared some hot coffee and began shouting at Master Fil. and he eventually woke up, they got up 1 by 1 and I gave them coffee, as every one was up, i was getting prepared for the assault :)

Here is our initial IT

11:00pm Assembly at Victory Liner (Cubao Terminal)
11:55pm ETD Manila

DAY 1 JULY 19, 2013 (FRIDAY)
05:00am ETA Baguio City Marketing - (Rice, Chicken and Pork)
05:30pm ETD Baguio / Breakfast on the road
10:00am ETA Brgy. Ballay, Kabayan, Benguet
10:30am Start Trek
11:30am ETA Lake Tabeo / Set camp / lunch
02:00pm Explore three other lakes (Lake Incolos, Lake Latep-ngapos and Lake Ambulalakao)
04:00pm Prepare dinner / Prepare breakfast and lunch for tomorrow
05:00pm Dinner / Socials
08:00pm Light’s off (not really no.)
09:00pm Open up a GIN Premium
13:00am Lights Out

DAY 2 JULY 20, 2013 (SATURDAY)
04:00am Wake Up Call / Breakfast
05:00am Start Summit Assult to Mt. TABAYOC
08:30am ETA Summit / View Deck
10:00am Start Decent
12:30pm ETA Lake Tabeo - Late Lunch / Break Camp
01:30pm ETD Lake Tabeo
02:00pm ETA Jump Off
02:30pm ETD Brgy. Ballay Kabayan
05:30pm ETA Km 55, Atok Benguet, proceed to Timbak Elementary School
06:00pm Prepare Dinner
07:00pm Dinner/Socials
10:00pm Light's Off

DAY 3 JULY 21, 2013 (SUNDAY)
04:00am Wake Up Call / Breakfast
04:30am Summit Assult to Mt. TIMBAK
05:30am ETA Summit
06:30am Start Decent
07:00pm ETA Timbak Elementary School - BREAK CAMP / WASH UP
08:00am ETD Atok Benguet
10:30am ETA Baguio / Early Lunch / Buy Tickets & Pasalubong
01:00pm ETD Baguio
07:00pm ETA Cubao, Metro Manila

Some Special Concerns:

There is only one legitimate Guide in Mt. Tabayoc as he was also the one that created that awesome trail years ago. Master Santiago Baliagan 09107522655, His sons will also help out with the exploration of the other 3 Lakes or get some fresh veggies for your group :D.

We were blessed to not have experience any rain or light showers or even a drizzle during our stay at lake Tabeyo, but still the weather there was Cold. Colder than Mt. Amuyao because of the open area, the winds are sweeping in from all sides, I had to put on a rain coat just to not feel the gusts. So if it was raining we would be shivering our ***** off. But there are houses close by the lake and if an emergency arises, you know what to do.

The trail consists mostly of rocks, mossy trees, slippery muds, moss rocks, more trees and mossy trees. Its like you are climbing a pile of rocks with mossy trees. Roots everywhere which is helpful for your steps. And it was fun really. If you ever been to Makiling's Wild Boar Trail and multiply it by 4 hours, then you have the picture :D

View Deck
There is a much better and higher Viewdeck! newly Constructed by Master Santiago and Friends!

There is a toilet and shower room that your group can use at the back.

Sidetrips on our way back
We went back to baguio via Halcema Highway (the highest highway in the PH). FOG EVERYWHERE.

Some Pics of Mt. Tabayoc

A quick Orientation
Lake Tabeyo
Mt. Tabayoc Peak 1 is visible.


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