Friday, August 9, 2013

Mt. Marami, Maragondon

My Mt. Marami was kind of a biglaang lakad/warmup climb ng puyat kind of Hike in preperation for Mt. Apo, first I could'nt confirm to come along because of work sched(not really worksched, but lack of sleep from a week of work). The hosts were old friends from previous climbs and got around 14 participants to join in.

The first problem was the transportation, with the new coastal mall terminal for provincial buses we were uncertain if the bus would still be running their route in manila, so we're faced with the uncertainty of how to get to and get back from cavite, one volunteered to rent a van since it will be divided to 16 it wont be much of a burden. And so we did. The van costs 3500 and pickup was at Cubao Araneta at 0430am and return to Cubao Araneta at 2100/2200pm. It went Flawlessly.

We reached Naic, then Magallanes then Barangay Ramirez, and asked around for the jump-off point, we're all first timers on trekking Mt. Marami, so we had to ask around a lot, the locals pointed us to the Barangay hall where we had to register and possibly shower after.

20php Registration
50php Guide per head Dayhike or 100php for overnight

We left our Rented van and kuya Johnny at the barangay hall and told him that we would try to be back at around 5pm. We also informed our driver that Team Jacob(trail runners) will be joining us in the climb, but on a later time and can leave their things in the van.

This is how it went..
(I lost the official IT, this is based on the time recorded on my shots.)

0400 meetup with hosts in Pasig
0500 at KFC Cubao, Araneta
0515 ETD to Edsa ( pickup participants along Edsa)
0700 Barangay Hall, Jumpoff Point
0730 Start Trek
0930 River Crossing (with Kawayan Bridge Visible)
1045 Talahib Fields(??)
1230 Summit/Lunch/Photos
1330 Arrival of Team Jacob (1015 Jumpoff + 1330 Summit = WTF?!)
1400 Descend with Rey and Joy Ali (Trail runners)
1715 ETA Barangay Hall
2000 ETD to Cubao
2200 Cubao Araneta


While they were eating. I was Exploring
Partial Group Pic
Partial Group Pic
Joy Ali And Rey Ali, I tried to run with them downhill 

Special Concerns

If you do not know the trail hire a guide 50php is not that much for a dayhike. there are a lot of forks some are shortcuts and most of them are not. 2 of participants got lost for an hour and they headed straight to Naic.

You never want to see anymore mud in your entire week. It is the muddiest trail i have trekked on.

Water Sources
I digested some from the rivers and its safe for me, if you have a sensitive stomach, dont do it!

It rained for us, a light shower here and there, but we imagined that if it was sunny our 2L of water would nopt be enough, the trail is not shaded/covered. in short. Mainit ang trail. Swerte at makulimlim but still my nose got sunburned lightly.

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