Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mt. Daraitan, Tanay

This is my first hike in Rizal, I mostly go hiking in the South and North, so this was a first for me, to see the nature of Rizal. Mt. Daraitan is in close proximity to Nagcarlan, Quezon. I haven't found a reliable MASL for Daraitan, and I don't own an Alti watch so I have no way of recording the MASL on the climb. But my estimate was around 600-700 MASL.

I was looking for something to hike on the weekend, I got another itch on a Wednesday, I was picking either a Hike or do a half marathon (if able to) around UP. Andy, a friend I met in one of my adventures with Seth, invited me to come with her in Mt. Daraitan, so I did. After some research it was documented that the climb will be around 4hrs with straight-up accents, my thought became more excited. I was thinking I could do that in 3, but I wouldn't since this time I would be coming with them, not the other way around. There were also some people new to the trade. So no.

We met at Antipolo I was surprised that we were around 12 pax. It took about an hour to get to the river crossing with a private vehicle, then crossed the river for 20php, then another tricycle 20php each to reach the barangay hall, register and get guides. 1 guide for every 5pax. Since we were 12, we managed to haggle it down to 2 guides.

Trail was fun, it was muddy given that Typhoon Yolanda has just passed. As we expected the group was divided into two further in the trail, there was the Assault team and the tail. There were 5 of us in the assault team, while I was discreetly telling the rest of the assault team to push and shorten their rest (Command Aura On) so they did, take 5's were only around take 30 seconds. Normal-slow pace, with minimal to no rest did the trick and we finished the trail in 3 Hrs. 

The summit-campsite is small barely fitting 3 Tadpoles with full pegs and fly. Its better to bring a hammock if you are planning camp out, Campsite is shaded so yeah. 3 minutes out is the Summit of Mt. Daraitan, jagged rocks, some loose rocks,and beautiful rock formations are all there. The view is spectacular!

On our way down we opted for the traverse to the Atburan falls(not the Tinipak Falls), this time the trail is an easy descend more of a rolling type of descend, no deep steps or severe drops. After trailing for 1.5 hrs, we reached the first part of the Atburan falls, some dipped in and cooled down, some pictures and smiles here and there. after 30mins or less we reached the second and bigger part of Atburan Falls, this is where everyone except 3 of us went in for a dip, the water was great, I slightly washed my pants off, and removed some mud on my shoes only to get more along the trail.

after the falls it was a 1hr easy walk to the barangay hall, I wanted to run down since it was all straight and the trail was beautiful! I'll do the running later when i come back :D

I adjusted the original IT so it went like this..

0430 Meet up at 7/11 in front of Antipolo church
0500 Departure from Antipolo
0630 Arrival at River Crossing
0730 Mount Daraitan Brgy Hall Arrival(Registration)
0800 Start Trekking to Mt Daraitan Summit
0930 Halfway point, Cave.
1100 Arrival at the Summit(arrival time depends on your pacing)
1200 Picture picture Lunch (KKB) sharing of foods.
1300 Start trekking going to Atburan River
1330 Enter Grasslands
1400 First part of Atburan Falls
1430 Second part of Atburan Falls
1600 Barangay Hall, Logout, Shower Time
1700 Departure to River Crossing
1730 Antipolo bound.

Sir Madelo - 09051335843


Here are some pics from Sir Orly Galvez's Cam!

Our ride! Thanks Sir Jason!
River Crossing

Summit picnic lunch!
Post Climb Pic!
Back at the River Crossing


Water sources
There is one available at Atburan Falls, the first part. 

Small campsite, looks more like a Campsite for emergency purposes, rather than a full campsite, where we had lunch, we occupied mostly all of the space.

Trail was quite narrow given that Yolanda just passed. Still have plenty of trees to grab on.

*Special thanks to Sir Orly Galvez, Sir Jason Salera and Ms. Ann dela Cruz for tagging me along!


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    1. the power of coffee!! Thanks nins!

    2. Hi sir Algene,

      Ito siguro yon simpleng IT for Mt. Daraitan.
      Naghahanap po ako ng Day hike IT, ito po nagustuhan ko sa
      lahat. Ask ko lang po kung meron kayong contact number/name ng naging local guide nyo?

      Nice po yon Atburan Falls.

      Appreciate to hearing you soonest.

      Superb blog (: