Monday, January 13, 2014

Mt. Al - Al, Kabayan

Mt. Al - Al, is sitting close to Mt. Tabayoc, this mountain is quite new and not yet been explored much, we saw it's pristine trail, with beautiful moss and untouched environment. Climbing up this mountain can be done with a special IT. The MASL of Mt. Al - Al is said to be the new 4th Highest in Luzon, therefore a special IT will be emerging soon. The Luzon 4321.

Rey and I started to plan for this trip a month before, the initial were to do a Tabayoc + 4 Lakes then Tawangan Pulag route, this will be done in 2 days, as we were "imagining" on how it would be done and what worst case scenario would happen we also had other plans instead, but doing only Tabayoc + 4 lakes seemed expensive for the trip. Sir Santiago Ballagan opened up an option for us, the Mt. Al - Al.

Mt. Al - Al JOP is about an hour walk away from Lake Tabeyo (20mins by habal-habal), we chose to walk for an increase in mileage and training. The jump off is located at the Tawangan trail junction. After the warm-up walk we reached the JOP, from there we entered a narrow trail for about 1km then a steep muddy climb for about an hour. After this the trail gets easier and very Scenic.

All through to the Summit I only took pictures of the trail, trees and moss, it was really beautiful and I couldn't help it to shut up and look silently at it. It was the most beautiful trail that I have been to.

There are 2 summits in Mt. Al - Al, one is the highest point of it, and the other as i like to call it is the Pseudo Summit see image below.

Pseudo Summit, Grasslands
Mt Al - Al Summit, Mt. Tabayoc behind
This is our Special IT, and this was the Day 2 - Dayhike Climb, we started at Sir Santiagos home and headed to the JOP. This is how I remembered it.

0200 Prepare breakfast for team
0230 Wake-up call, eat food and drink coffee, prepare stuff
0330 Head out to Lake Tabeyo
0430 Lake Tabeyo, Head out to Mt. Al - Al, Tawangan Junction
0530 Tawangan Junction, Coffee, wait for light
0600 Start trek
0630 Start of steep Trail
0730 End of Steep Trail start of rolling trail
0830 Viewdeck
0845 Summit of Mt. Al - Al
0915 Pseudo Summit of Mt. Al - Al, Grasslands, Lunch and Rest
1030 Descend (tulog lang pahinga mode)
1145 Narrow Trail, Head to mini water falls(water Source)
1200 Water Source, Head back to tawangan junction
1230 Tawangan Junction (Push! Tulog lang pahinga!) Head to...

We did 4 lakes after Mt. Al - Al so my IT continues here
1330 Ambulalacao Lake Entrance
1500 Finished 4 Lakes, head to lake Tabeyo
1515 Lake Tabeyo, Buy Supplies, merienda, resume trek to Sir Santis Home.
1630 Sir Santis home.

Pictures :)

Mt. Tabayoc is shy

Mt. Tabayoc Hiding
We passed this while walking down to Sir Santis Home
While heading down,  sorry blard. :)
Sir Santis youngest, Jasper with Emi
Who would want a view like this outside of their home @Santis House
Mt. Al - Al Trail Pics

Hiking Buddy! Rey Ali (soon to be my coach. charot)

View Deck
Mt. Tabayoc!
Sea of Clouds anyone?

Summit! and that there behind is Mt. Pulag :)
Sir Santiago Ballagan
Trail to Pseudo-Summit, Grasslands

Joy Ali & Emi Casama
Group Pics

Mt. Al -Al & Mt. Tabayoc

Pics from Rey & Emi

Joy and Me
Emi and Me
Ali Siblings (lakas much!)
Time to go home, Family Pic!
Expenses (roughly estimated)

MLA-BGO-MLA - 890php
VAN to Ballay - 3000 php (hatid only, early morning, up to 7-9 pax pwede (not sure))
Guideship - 2800php (Mt. Tabayoc, Mt. Al - Al, 4 Lakes)
Ballay to Bagiuo 200php each (we rented the same van that took us to ballay but this time he was picking up passengers)
Food is not indicated here, we always practice being self contained (results to a buffet of trail food and viands :D )

Safe budget of the group per pax was 3k.


  1. may contact kayo nung van to ballay and back to baguio? any info appreciated. thanks!

  2. i've been here two years ago and its very BEAUTIFUL... virgin forest going up to the summit... BREATHTAKING...

  3. you have any contact numbers here? Especially your tour guide 😊.thanks

  4. Contact number po of the tour guide pls. Thanks