Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mt. Sembrano, Pililia

Mt. Sembrano was a short drive away from my place, a little bit off 2hrs, I had to scout/scale this area for a place to train my would be running skills (and I do suck at it). This is how it went.

It was quite a quick climb, my companion for this was Nins, who is also making her own portfolio on mountains and scenery and stuff. She told me it was around a 4hrs hike and would probably take about 3hrs to get back, so I prepared for it, light packs and a properly hydrated vessel.

We reached Barangay Malaya around 930 and started to trek at 10am we got lost at first just after the first tindahan sa trail. We had to go back twice to get on the right path, after that we went straight ahead. We only stopped for a breather about 10-20secs each. I was also trying to help Nins get better so that she could scale more summits in the future and take pics for Nat Geo or something like that.

We reached the Private-Property-Buko-Store-Waterfall-Junction about an hour off the jump off, and an hour more after some rests we reached a clear part heading to the first summit, this was where she suggested I try my running skills for the first time, since she gave me a go I decided to gun it. 

And so I was running up and down at Sembrano's trail to the Summit, it was a good work out. We had our lunch at the highest summit at 1230-ish, thanks Nins for the Boiled egg! We went down around 1300. So then I ran again sprinting this time until I reached the covered part of the trail. After an hour we reached the Buko Store and went down to see the Waterfall(s), we also had our mini break there. after resting a bit we continued our hike and reached the Barangay Hall before 3pm. Rested and a change clothes, then we drove home.

Our IT was (by Private Car)

0630 Pickup Nins LRT Santolan
0730 ETD to Malaya, Pililia
0930 ETA Supermarket sa Probinsya
0945 ETA Barangay Hall, Malaya, Register
1000 Start Trek
1115 Buko Store
1230 Highest Summit
1300 Head back to Buko store, head to Falls
1345 Falls
1400 Head back to Barangay Malaya
1500 Barangay Malaya JOP
1530 Drive home

Pay 10.00
Halfway point
View from the 1st Summit
There she is!
Never thought it was this beautiful.

That is the "Falls"