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Malarayat Range (Manabu - SSD - Malepunyo)

The Malarayat Range, is situated in the middle of Quezon and Batangas Province, Mt. Manabu, Susong Dalaga and Mt. Malepunyo are all interconnected in one traverse trail, however the trail that we had taken makes it a loop.

We entered first in Sta. Cruz, we got on a Lemery Bound bus in Jam Liner Taft cor Buendia, got off at fiesta mall and took a Tricycle to Sta Cruz Registration point, and travelled again via the same Tricycle to the Manabu Jump Off Point.

Mt. Manabu, 760masl

An Easy Climb that could be accomplished in 2hrs if you are well tuned up and prepared, in this case we started late so the heat was weighing us down, we did get a guide for the traverse, Mang Barok, he guided us and answered all our questions on the trail. There is a fork a little 200 meters before the campsite of Mt. Manabu that branches off to the traverse trail, to Susuong Dalaga. Total time was 2 hrs from JOP.

Susong Dalaga

We didn’t technically climbed the SSD because it was not allowed (cliffs and jagged rocks) we did get as close as we could, the traverse trail allows you trail beside it. The trail to SSD was quite dense and a lot of tall grass and ferns, some Lipa plants are also present, I did get some itches but I somehow got resistant to the itch, Pants are required on this part. Total time was 1.5hrs from the Mt Manabu Fork.

Mt. Malepunyo 1005masl

The last of the Leg of the traverse, this was quite a challenge since we started very low again to start climbing and we are quite tired because of the heat, we took a trail around the SSD to head to the Malipunyo River, there was a fork there, one heads to the summit, and the one gets you out to Brgy. Talisay our exit point. The Trail to Mt. Malipunyo Summit is split into two trails, the longer and more forgiving route, and the direct and 
test your quads and calves route. We took the former for ascending and the later for descending.

We saw a group of students and teachers doing a climb, their IT was of something like this, Day 1 Mt. Malipunyo then on day 2 head to Mt. Manabu for their second night stay. They were a big group around 21 as the other guides say. Their Guide was Mang Mario. Total time was 3 hrs.

The Way Back to Talisay

We rushed down, since it would be dark soon, so rat-rat mode was decided, but we waited for the whole team beside the river, it was around 6pm at the time when we reached the river. And proceeded with the trek. We reached the house of one of the guides that offered us to bathe in his house J Total Time was 2.5hrs from Malipunyo Summit.


At the Campsite of Mt. Manabu
Malarayat Mountain Range (SSD - Malepunyo)
View of Campsite and Malarayat Range

Summit with the Hunks 

The fork to the Traverse Trail
An old Road that was made but with hidden Mining Intentions

Nearing SSD
SSD - Side View
There used to be a campsite at that Hut. Used to be.

And here she is.

Heading to Mt. Malepunyo

Left goes to Mt. Malepunyo, Right to Brgy Talisay(Exit)

First Campsite of Malepunyo
2nd Campsite of Malepunyo

Summit Shots

Cristobal and Banahaw

Students caught up after 30 minutes

Rushing down with this kind of light was nostalgic
Even more nostalgic than the last
This was just scary haha
Coffee for the weary Travellers
0400 Meetup At JamLIner Buendia
0430 ETD to LIPA Fiesta Mall (Lemery Bound Bus)
0630 ETA Fiesta Mall Take Tricycle to Manabu JOP
0700 Registration Point
0730 Start Trek of TRILOGY
0930 Manabu Summit
1130 SSD View Point
1500 Malepunyo Summit
1800 Washup (Pwede sa JOP ng Manabu para marami)
2000 SM Lipa board Busses
If ginabi na kayo and wala ng busses sa SM Lipa, you can
1. Wait sa Highway
2. Board a Calamba Bound Jeep. then Alabang Bus (matagal around 38km to) baba sa Calamba Bus Terminal to Board Alabang Busses

Bus to Fiesta Mall - 120
Tricycle to Sta. Cruz Reg and to JOP(Manabu) - 50
Guide Fee - 250 (total 1500 for 6pax)
Ligo 20
Tricycle to SM Lipa - 50
Bus to Cubao - 120 (?) not sure.

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