Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mt. Cinco Picos, Subic

When I was looking for a climb (my feet itched) I was invited to this event, Sir Gerry Remantilla was the event organizer and this was his training climb for the Guiting Guiting he is hosting on August. Going into a group with no one I knew was not a new of a thing for me, I have done this several times before and is actually pretty rewarding. I get to meet new people, I get invited to new events, and invited to dinner.. sa campsite nga lang :)

The trail was pretty it was all grass, it would be hot as hell if it was clear on that day, there were no forested or covered part to the peak. I had wore my tights in this and was thinking that the tights were leading me to this pain/injury in my knees, halfway up I was already groaning in pain from my left knee.

The way down was way more painful than the way up, all my weight + bag must be evenly distributed or distributed more to my stronger right knee, if which it fails, then I'm done for. I tried my best pacing technique and focus to alleviate the pain. At the summit I asked my climbing buddy to get some of the weight off me, particularly my cooking pot and stove (2k maybe?) and that helped me out alot.

We were now descending, the descend was straight forward, at the summit a little about 5 minutes to a campsite is a watersource you can get some here for the descend. there will be a lot of river crossings here. The total time to descend was around 3 hours w/lunch, we Traversed to Silanguin Cove.

There was an LPA during the hike, so river crossings were decided carefully and done as safely as we could. The Capones Island trip is on hold if the weather next day would be pleasing for the trip. But 2nd day in Silanguin cove the dark clouds hover over the sea, a sign of a bad weather coming in, we had to leave earlier than in our original IT we left silanguin after breakfast. at 8am sharp.

The original it is as follows

2100 - Assembly time Victory Liner Pasay
2200 - ETD Victory Liner Pasay

Day 1
0100 ETA Olongapo, buy packed breakfast and packed lunch /7eleven or any available store
0130 Take pre-arranged Jeepney to Sitio Cawag mountain range in Tarlac seen along the trail
0200 ETA Sitio Cawag/Register Arrange Guide
0230 Start Trek
0400 ETA Pinaglabanan River
0600 Grassland trek onwards
0700 Last water source before the Assault
0900 Reach Peak 1
1100 Lunch (before Descent)
1400 ETA Silanguin Cove
1500 Tidy up/swimming/Visit Lake side of the cove
1600 Dinner
1800 Socials
2230 Lights off

Day 2
0530 Wake-up Call/ Prepare Breakfast and Packed Lunch
0630 Breakfast sunrise view
0700 Break Camp/Pack-up
0800 ETD Capones Island/Island Hopping
1100 ETA Capones Island / Start Trek to Lighthouse
1200 ETA Lighthouse / Lunch
1300 Head back to White Beach
1400 Swimming
1600 Pack-up/Head back to Pundaquit
1700 ETA Pundaquit /Wash-up
1800 ETD Olongapo
1900 ETA Olongapo / Dinner
2000 ETD Manila
2300 ETA Manila


-Bus fare - Cubao to Olongapo P212/head
-Olongapo - Sitio Cawag P100/head (rented jeep)
-Pundaquit-San Antonio Highway (Tricycle) – P90/trip (trike/pax/P30/head)
-San Antonio-Olongapo (Bus) – 40php
-Olongapo-Manila (Bus Via SCTEX) – 240php

registration fee - P60/pax
guide fee P900/7pax (traverse) -
Silanguin Cove: camping & cottage fee P100/head
Capones Island (boat rental from Silaguin Cove P450) to Brgy. Pundaquit

*Thanks Sir Gerry Remantilla for the IT and Expenses

This is where we bought our breakfast and lunch
Nganga lahat!
Trekking starts now
Summit na pala!
Tama na pahinga baba na tayo!
Sir Ketchup's Jumpshot ala Bird

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