Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mt. Tapulao, Palauig

Mt. Tapulao or the Poor Man's Pulag as some would dub it, is situated around 8km away from the national highway, to a Dampay - Salaza Settlement area. We got to the settlement area around 5am, and asked around where the JOP is, to our luck we found it quickly. Some mountain trail runners were in the registration area spending the night, it was kind of them to answer all my questions about where the caretaker is. 

This was a training climb to those who will be participating in the Talomo - Apo Traverse in October so the attendance of the climbers were a little strict, we did open up for some guests to tag along the climb, Yuz and Jeoffrey. Yuz was doing this for his Guiting-Guiting, Jeoffrey for his Mt. Mingan. So the bottom line is, this is not your ordinary dayhike trip. But we were looking for the challenge :)

After registering we got a local guide, His name is Yatek, the number I got from the registration point is 09192747611 forgot her name though. The trail was straight forward, no turns or ligaws anywhere, just follow the rocky road to the summit.

The it is as follows

Day 0
2300 - Meetup at Cubao Shopwise, KFC Buy supplies, Breakfast and Lunch
2330 - ETD to Dampay Salaza Settlement Iba, Zambales.

Day 1
0530 - ETA Dampay Salaza Settlement, Reg, Guides
0600 Warm Up, Start trek

Water sources KM6 - KM9 - KM15(Bunkhouse)
Breakfast on KM6
Snack on KM9
Lunch on KM15
---if by 1pm not yet anywhere near km13 uwi na!

1900 - JOP Washup
2000 - Head to any carinderia to eat well deserved Dinner
0100 - Manila

Expenses, we hired a private van that costs 8k  a 14seater
Guide fee was 500php but we gave Yatek 1000php for his great service
meron sya firstaid kit, incomplete pero meron, papeles nya, certificate nya (taray!)

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