Monday, August 18, 2014

Mt. Mariveles Traverse, Bataan

Pantingan Traverse to Tarak Ridge, A hard dayhike traverse with a total of 22 kilometers from Bagac jump off point(entry) to, Alas-Asing jump off point(exit). 

The Hike started off fairly easy, a walk through some Banana plantation paths, into a larger road and in to another trail shortly after, a few hours after, we reached Danny's Gate a little off 2hrs from the start of the hike, pretty quick against our estimated Itinerary.

Before entering the forest (Gate) we opted to eat at a clearing, we could see the coast from where we ate, and the sun was just starting to appear right before us. I ate my apples and hydrated for the long haul, I decided to hiking mid just to gauge my strength.

Danny's Gate was where a water source existed nearby and the next one will be at a river and I forgot the name -_-, it was at my guess around halfway of the hike.

Last water source is at Papaya River, so plan your consumption accordingly.

This Hike was tough, We did a total of 20hrs, the lead team had 18hrs and the last team had 23hrs, what kept us from moving faster was the rain and it went dark. 

Contact Person: 
Mang Rey Jimenez 09282609645

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