Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mt. Madjaas - Nangtud Traverse - Day 2

Day 2. 


This is the day where should make up for lost time, we camped at Bantag River Campsite which is 4 hours away from Camp 3. Camp 3 is 2 hours away from Madjaas Summit. And the traverse trail is just at 15 minutes before Madjaas summit. 

We started very early, a little past 4 am and we started hiking again, the guys bag were lighter on that day, we had used rice and meat and cooked for 7pax for breakfast and our packed lunch. The plan was wherever we were at 11am, we sit, eat and rest for 30 minutes.

After a few hours we were welcomed by views that we were literally assaulting non stop since San Flores JOP.

90 minutes after Bantag River.

2 hours from Bantag River

This clearing is about 4 hours from Bantag Campsite

Our guides Tatay Claudio (red) and Tatay Josue (black)

We had our compression stop here and continued to trek to Camp 3 which was 45mins away.

Pretty flowersss...

Nature will provide shelter

Camp 3 main camp, although there are smaller camping areas if you follow that path
Ate some snacks since it was already 9am. Our last meal was at 4am, mixed some juice, and proceeded to the summit assault which is estimated around 2 hours from this camp.

Tatay Josue with William Pajarillo

Asanyas at the Bonsai Forest 

Di ko alam ano nangyari sa camera dito. promise.

Hello Madjaas (far right).

Reached the summit of Madjaas at 12pm 5/29.
Gene Mora, Janssen Sanchez, William Pajarillo
Stayed for 15 minutes, if ever we could see a clearing.
We descended after 15 minutes of admiring the piece of rock that we sat on, and ate our packed lunch at the traverse junction. This is where the trails started to narrow down. A little over 4 inches in width is all you get. Not really flat either nor hard soil. We slipped and almost fell a lot of time throughout this traverse but as the days went on we were not really surprised that it will happen again often

We did not reach the designated campsite again for day 2, as we could still feel the fatigue gained from the previous days. We then waited on a viable emergency camp location. where water was near, about 30 minutes away. We completed our trek at 430pm and pitched our tents, Cooked our early dinner and lights were out at 6pm. 

Sampayan? No problem.

Looks yummy Will ah..

This camp was named after our TL, Janssen Camp 1.

Day 3 here.

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