Friday, June 30, 2017

Mt. Madjaas - Nangtud Traverse - Day 3 - 4

Day 3


Started at 6am, this has been our routine, much easier to hike with daylight. We got a lot of rest from a good night's sleep, we are all in good condition. This day was all walking nonstop no views or anything fancy, we were descending a part Madjaas and heading to Masapanag, and Tapungko then Nangtud the last of the hurdles. 

Can you see the trail?

Pitcher plants are starting to be a common sight

Kamidlit River

Kamidlit Camp for day 2, but we did not made it.
This is 4 hours away from Janssen Camp 1.

Trail continues

It was sunny. But then the water nation attacked,

Not documented was when we reached another designated campsite around 1pm. Not really sure why Tatay Josue wanted us to camp on that spot, but since it was still early and the next viable camp was 2-3hours away we took a vote and decided to continue to it. But the weather suddenly took a turn. At around 3pm we experienced a sudden downpour. We wore our rain jackets as the mist was also descending on us with moderate winds and rain.

We cannot possibly speed up our pace as the terrain was getting more technical, soft ground and unreliable tree holds/roots are everywhere and could break if given enough pressure. The team did not rest not even for a few seconds. We knew we had to make haste to make use of the little daylight we have left.

We reached another emergency campsite before 5pm. It was named Janssen Camp 2. Tatay Josue ensured us that we will be on track with our IT for tomorrow's camp. It rained so hard on us that our raincover didn't do much.  

My notes got drenched. I took a picture of it before it becomes unreadable.

Ate our dinner. Talked with the team on IT, lights out at 7pm

J. Camp 2 was small enough for the group to pitch.

Day 4


Started trekking again at 6am, the usual  pace not slow, but not that fast. No rest for the team today. Everyone was gunning for the campsite to make up for the lost time we had on previous days. However, this was the start of the trail that  gave us a lot of bruises, cuts and epic views of the mountain range that we are traversing.

Day break. It's time to move.

Ragiwriw - Remember the name.
We traversed by using them as steps. They are slippery, unexpectedly
breaking and thorny.

First time seeing this as a trailmarker. Maybe I missed them since Day 2?

We are not out of the woods yet

We reached Dumarayray/Dimarayray Campsite at 1130am. We had our lunch here and asked if there would be any camp ahead that we could use to push forward. Tatay Josue said it would be 6-8 hours away and it could be dangerous as there always been constant rain every afternoon everyday.

Camp Setup

Kudos to William, your cookset has saved us many times.
Aside from washing our clothes and our gears, we also had a bath. The water was freaking cold. They dipped. I washed myself with a wash cloth. We rinsed our used clothing so the odor wont be that bad when we use it again, we only wore 3 sets of clothing for the whole climb. So washing them (they were already wet from light rain anyway) is a must.

Me: Malamig?
Janssen: Malamig.

I could feel the sudden drop in temps.
I don't know where I picked that up but it is useful.

The giudes/porters went upriver to hunt for these, we had spare Coconut cream, bagoong, ginger and Chili.
Chef Janssen and Chef Will made the best meal out of it.

We filled our bellies with food and water. Hang our clothes to dry but the rain came. I placed my socks atop inside my tent to somehow dry or to not get them "wetter". My feet has issues. It needs to be just at the right level of dryness. To dry? Blisters. To wet? Blisters.

Lights out at the usual time, 6pm.

Day 5 here.

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