Friday, June 30, 2017

Mt. Madjaas - Nangtud Traverse - Day 5 - 6

Day 5


Woke up. Cooked our meals. Broke camp. Brushed our Teeth. Wore long sleeves and  pants. Today was the day we will doing the Kabayo Trail as the guides call it. The tip of the Carabaos' Tail and Nangtud would be at it's neck. That was the distance until we exit this landmass.

Todays route is one of the most picturesque route I have ever encountered. So for my Day 5 Entry, it's gonna look more like a photo album.

Ragiwriw again!

Going towards that direction. We knew whats next.

Yep. Doon nga tayo.

Ayaw na namin sayo Ragiwriw.

Kapag Umakyat. Kailangan din bumaba.

Ridge path in Ragiwriw Vines.
Balancing increased by 100

Me: Doon ba tayo papunta?
Hernani: Hindi, Malayo pa.


Tatay Joseph and Kuya Hernani

Trailsign attached to a Ragiwriw plant.

Thank you IMC for the wonderful trail!

After 45minutes.

The Kabayo trail where you would step on a
piece of rock 4 inches wide, with nothing
to hold on to, and cliffs on both sides.
1 like - 1 prayer

Ahon tayo ulit guys. What's new?

Sugod! pero dahan dahan

Ridge ba kamo?

We were told we have to go there.
A general direction I might say.

Slowly but surely. Safety first for the whole team.

Oh I forgot to mention there are a lot
of Limatik. The brown and nasty kind.

Zoom in to my hand. That. Happened.

Yep I need to dry you up ASAP. I only have 5 pairs!

We arrived at Masapanag Campsite at 130pm. 

4mm rope. :D

Camp is spacious enough.

The usual like precious days. We ate our dinner early. And lights out at 6pm.

Day 6


Same routine. It was simply being efficient on what we are doing. Get up early. Cook. Eat. Break camp, then trek towards our next campsite. But this time. We had cuts in our hands. For me the pain was noticeable every time I make a fist or hold onto something.

But we have to move forward. No rest stops for the team. Lunch time was the only time we could sit, that would fall around 11am. 5hrs after camp.

This day was the last day we would come to a water source. Next water would be at tomorrows camo at Rancho Campsite, a long descent after EBJ peak.

Me: Good morning!

Tapungko: Goodmorning din. Ahon na.

Auq na b3h.

Day 6 na tayo. Ilan pa kaya. Last water source location.
Before assaulting Mt. Tapungko.

We wish that L was for Lapit, but it was for Layo.

Head to the unknown! 

Head to the unknown padin!

THIS. This trail sign marked the start of ascent that lasted

20 minutes of climbing like this.

Reached this resting spot around 920am.
Tatay Josue said this was already part of Mt. Nangtud.
But we have to cross Mt. Tapungko first.

No rest for the tired. All must go UP. 

11am still climbing up.

We got some cover around 2pm

Another ridge

Finally reached Tapungko Campsite at 230pm.
The said campsite lies between the summit of Mt. Tapungko
 and Mt. Nangtud. This is at 1820 MASL

Day ends. We cooked our meal, ate and rested. 6pm lights out.


Our guides heard an unusual sound, they said it was the local "Aswang" native to antique. A Humanoid with a hairy overall body, Long claws with a long snout edged with sharp teeth. They are naturally harmless unless provoked. The guides and William heard it around 3am.

Day 7 here.

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