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Mt. Madjaas - Nangtud Traverse - Day 7 - 8

Day 7


The almost final end of our traverse from Mt. Madjaas. We were informed that completing the traverse today would be next to impossible. The guides know what they are talking about, and I had to catch my flight on the evening of June 04 in Kalibo. which was also next to impossible. Considering there is an hour of travel from Lombuyan Exit to the national highway, then 30minutes bus ride back to Culasi, then an additional 2.5hrs ride back to Kalibo. Considering all the time constraints and accessibility to some faster mode of transportation. I called manila to move my flight to a later day.

Today's IT was to reach Mt. Nangtud's Summit, cross its 2 horns and EBJ peak then rush down to Rancho Campsite for the final night.

A few meter away from camp,
we saw the remains of a deer on a
local hunters trap.

After 1.5hrs we reached a clearing

We saw Mt. Nangtud and It's 2 horns that day.
Just keep walking.. Keep walking.

We will get there Will.

Appreciate the Bush.

We gotta get up that ridge. Then cross from there.

Almost stepped on him.

We were so happy that the trail widened..
for a while.

Finally reached Mt. Nangtud! Summit!
1230pm 6/3/17

We reached EBJ Peak after an hour.

Now it was a total descent to reach the Rancho Campsite. Which was a long way and a very steep descent to around 1470masl. We estimated it to be around 4 hours away. We were pacing ourselves as the team is getting tired from all the days of uphills and downhills.

Then, rain came. The trail got more slippery (descent) adding some fragile roots and branches, we were taking every step slowly and cautiously to prevent any accidents. It rained on us for almost 2 hours.

Then finally we heard some water gushing, it grew louder as we were descending. We couldnt see it because of the thick forest and vegetation.

We were told there was supposed to be a hut here.
Or what was left of it.

More room at Rancho camp below.

We arrived at Rancho Campsite 430pm. located at 1470masl.

Same routine here as the previous days. Cooked our dinner, ate and rest. That night's rest was the best rest I could remember. Even though we were not able to achieve our target of 7 days. We were already happy what we can do with what we have.

Day 8


Time to finish the job. Time to exit. Our supplies almost depleted. Our feet aching. Our knees trembling (a little). I had blisters since Day 6, I was only able to manage because our team was fast at moving and reaching the camp asap, by then I could change to dry clothes, dry my socks and treat my blisters. But today was where it got big and almost ready to pop. Oh and my right big toe was bleeding because of all the roots and rocks I smashed it against so I wont slide or fall over.

Ranting aside. The whole team is in great condition and we pushed forward to exit through Lombuyan river. The distance was 1470 masl to 150 masl. A freaking 1320masl diff. 

We started 6 am. Said a little prayer. drank our fill and carried only minimal water so we could move lighter, faster, better and stronger.

When exiting Rancho campsite we had to climb for 45minutes first then came out to this.

Ridge, Ridge everytime.

This is whre the clearing starts. All the way to the river.
We arrived here at 8am.

That is where we came from.

A view further where we came from.

Finally the river! arrived at 10am. After 2 hours of steep descent.

Walk walk walk on those shaky rocks.


Smile guys, Malapit na yan!

Something out of a story book.


Sure ako malapit na yan.

01:38 PM. Barangay Lombuyan.

There was a store here. Where the Coke was heavenly. We're over drinking juice, and water. We wanted something bubbly. We grabbed a cold one and rested here. We talked with the local guide handling Mt. Nangtud and arranged some transportation (Habal-Habal) out to the national highway  and no, we didnt wash up here as we were trying to make time to get back to Culasi. The guides were cleaner than us when we arrived at the highway, they had changed clothes.

We were to get back to Culasi and log out, have our late lunch on whatever we can get our hands on so we were rushing, we managed to stop a UV Express van to Culasi. We hopped on board with our packs, I was riding the passenger seat and repeatedly saying sorry to the person beside me for being.. well.. dirty. After 45 mins we reached Culasi and ate at a snack bar/restau. Chicken and spag! and Coke! O' wonderful coke!

After eating we had a little ceremony, we handed over 2 of our Tarps, a ground sheet, 10m x 3mm rope/string, another 25m braided rope and I gave my Longsleeve to our porter Kuya Hernani. We thanked each other for that wonderful traverse and said our goodbyes.

We stayed at Anna Sophies Hostel, we got the biggest small family room. because we had packs and we were kind of "dirty" I told the hostel up front what we would be doing, hanging our gears outside, mud everywhere, dirty smelly stuff. They were nice and gave us a corner room where there was enough space to clean and fix our stuff.

All else that happened after our check in will be discussed or shared on another page.

Logistics, Maps, IT and Expenses here.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing! I am inspired to do it! I climbed Mt. Nangtud summer of 2014 but not Madjaas...