Friday, June 30, 2017

Mt. Madjaas - Nangtud Traverse

Nope. Sa likod pa si Madjaas.

Mt. Madjaas situated at Antique, smack down at the middle of the island. It is the most prominent land mass and Mt. Nangtud is on the other end. Traversing this was a challenge that we were ready to face.I was prepared somehow trained for 2 months on lowering my weight from 92 kilos and tried to reach my ideal weight of 70 which i failed and only got to 87.

Lets get straight to it.

We had our pre-climb on what to expect. Our contingency plans if something out the blue happens. Our meal plan and emergency meal plan. Gear checks. Who and what he'll do tasks, responsibilities, trail position etc. Everything to the finest detail. 

I'm the one in charge of buying supplies that will be less likely found in the provinces. These are food that are packed in sachets like corned beef and sardines. Buying these in cans will be much heavier and bulkier in our packs and could possibly wear us out earlier than expected. Other supplies include some pastas and oats. Initial/Estimated climb dates: May 28 - June 3, 2017 = 7 days 6 nights in total. With 1 day extra supplies.

Day 0


Come prepared and face the music.
Here comes the day. I said to myself. I flew in to Kalibo, Antique on 5/27 around 12pm, met up with the team at a local hostel. They were almost done precooking the meat they bought that early morning. We went to do some final gear check and left the hostel around 130pm. We then headed to the Ceres Bus terminal and boarded the San Jose bound. Travel time to Culasi is around 2.5hrs, there we alighted at the municipal hall to get our permit and meet up with the guides. We also went to the public market to register at the local police station for our intent to climb and traverse. We bought our all other supplies at the market. Coffee sugar oil salt dried fish frozen goods everything else that is common  and what we needed in the market. We finished around 5pm from buying supplies then came the light rain. We hurried back to the municipal hall where our bags were to repack somethings and do another equipment check.

Initial supplies for 7days

Our guide came with 3 habal-habal or motorcycles to get us from Culasi town proper to Barangay Flores which is around a 30-45mins ride. We stayed at Tatay Joseus home, done some final repacking/loadsharing and weighed our packs. Mine weighed around 15-18k and their pack was much more heavier. I had a plan for this so I wont be delaying the team. which was i need to hire another porter which would carry my pack and i would carry that porter's bag instead, like a switch. And that exactly what happened. I carried Hernani's daypack and he carried my fullpack. 2 other porters namely Claudio and Joseph were also carrying group loads with their own equipments. I forgot to mention that all the gears needed here came from us. They don't have like tarps or ropes they only have basic ones like a tent and jackets. The team provided groundsheet, 2 Tarps and a rope. 

Day 1


We started late. The heat the sun and the open trail got to us. just a few hours after starting. We were just following the "poste" trail until the last community above, where Tatay Josue suggested we buy another kilo of rice. 12 kilos. we carried 12 kilos of rice. This was all assault with open fields and hot sun glaring at us. We were moving as fast as we can just to get covered and go on a normal pace. But damn. Mainit. Mainit talaga.


Bantang River campsite New Trail. Water source 10m away.

We were not able to reach Camp 3 (2hours from Madjaas Summit) which was supposed to be our camp for the end of D1. Instead we camped at Camp 1 Bantang River campsite at 2pm of May 28. We all agreed to make up for lost time the next day. Tomorrows IT was to reach Camp 3, Summit Madjaas, traverse to a small cave campsite for end of D2. It was gonna be one hell of a long walk.

Day 2 here.
Logistics, Maps, IT and Expenses here.

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