Thursday, June 15, 2017

Mt. Mamara, Tanay

Mt. Mamara stands at 427 masl the smaller borther of Mt. Daraitan. Their jump off point is the same as Mt. Daraitan which is at guess? Barangay Daraitan in Tanay! An update since I last visited, there is now a bridge! No more rafting across to Brgy. Daraitan, no more parking on the otherside of the river.

It was my weekday off, and just came out of rest/recovery from a multiday hike in Antique, still healing on some limatik bites and boils that I got from the hike. It was kind of a biglaang lakad, since weekday climbs are hard to comeby, specially if they are targeting a specific number of participants to continue. The bunch that I joined are all working for the same company in Ortigas, we had the same weekdays off so our schedules somehow went in sync. They were mostly from Rizal which where I am also.

The group met up at Mercury Drugstore Cainta. It was close to my place so its more convenient for me to join them in this trip. We departed about 3am and arrived at Brgy. Daraitan close to 5am. Some final preps and an orientation led by the guides on what to expect on the climb and dangers from sharp rocks which are present, also the slippery mud as it rained the day before. We started walking a little past 5am.

We walked past a small cemetery and later along the Tinipak River, the views were epic, something out of a story book, were the hero goes into the unsure and unknown as challenges are waiting for him. A little past that scene we came to the Tinipak Camping ground. This is where families or friends can camp with their tent or rent out a Hut (prices varies from 600 - 1200) and some picnic tables (20). There is also a store here that serves food and drinks, some alcoholic drinks are also available.

After the Camping grounds you will come across some wooden stairs just a few steep steps down to Tinipak River where you can dip as the current there is noticeably weak but still use caution specially when it is raining. The marker for the Mt. Mamara assault is when you cross the wooden bridge which also is the marker for the Caving activity available there.

The Timeframe given by the guides was around 2 hours up and around 1.5 hours down. due to the assaults present and very few resting stops along. Walang patag. The team leader was with his wife and kid. But he was one strong kid. He has a great sense of adventure and competitiveness!

I was not feeling really well on that day, lack of sleep and i was also starting to get the flu (I did get the flu when I got home). I was sweating like mad and shortness of breath was present. I then told them my intentions to go on ahead and hike on my pace and they graciously agreed or OK'd, I asked the guide for directions he answered that it was pretty much straight forward. I reached the summit and took some pictures of the clouds and rested.

I was with an escort. A dog. I gave him most of my Kariman which I bought at ministop for lunch. I couldn't finish it as i was feeling a little dizzy.

A few minutes later the team caught up and the team took some pictures, ate and rested. And after that, an hour later we descended. I asked them the same if I can go ahead and wait at the cave entrance they were also OK with it. So I went along alone.

At the cave entrance, I was feeling adventurous, I went in alone, since i knew no one was at the mountain besides us I thought of waiting for them inside, Which is what I did and left my bag outside, so that they will know im in the cave. Some of the group soon followed in the cave, some opted not to go in and would rather rest outside. They dipped while I just watched. Bawal mabasa ang sugat.

Light at the end is the cave entrance

At the end of the tunnel lies a pool you can dip in.
Few minutes after we exited the cave and head to the Swimming spot of Tinipak river. Just before the wooden stairs part. They took their dip and I was eating some second round lunch. Some Hopia ube, gave the guides my extra trail food a slice of cake from Marby. After Tinipak river we headed back to the Camping grounds for a proper meal, I ordered a regular lomi for 25pesos and it was ok. It was also early in our IT for our driver to pick us up, so we bought a 500ml unflavored lambanog to kill time and tell some stories.

No Weekend Travel Group!
The IT is simple and could change on what time you arrived at the JOP so this is mainly some guide and pictures on what to expect or see on the trail heading to Mt. Mamara.

2.8km until Mt. Mamara. The graph also includes the caves length and return to Brgy Daraitan.

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