Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Mt. Tapulao Traverse Labney, Tarlac

Mount Tapulao, one of the highest peaks near Metro Manila, a short Bus ride to Palauig, Zambales if you would only do the simple backtrail. However for the traverse, one must enter through Tarlac, barangay Mayantoc to be exact.

Lets get straight to events that occurred during our induction climb.

It was 2 years after my initial application to UP Mountaineers, i took a break for a year to focus on work and getting promoted. And it did payoff! trained for a month while working with a shifting sched and an aging body for the physical exam needed to join the climb. a 15 kilometer trail run with a target finish time. Unfortunately i missed the target time but our PFO was kind enough to let me join the climb.

We arrived at Labney, Tarlac around 3am and transfered to our rented truck to head to Mayantoc. We repacked our things done some final preps and ate some breakfast. It was 4 am when we started to trek. It was around 12 rivercrossings before reaching the trail head at 7am where we had our quick breakfast.

First ascent, Assault to Mt. Kinaulaman from here on it was one hot hike, with no tree cover or shade from any kind of patch. Around 10 am we finally entered some shade. Next up was Mt. Mapalan, still insde the forest, and we continued until we reached a view of the Zambales River. It is around a 700masl descemt from the clearing to the river. We crossed the river just in time before dusk around 5am and the campsite was just above it. This is the last watersource until Mt Tapulao bunker

Second day the assault to Mt. Maribenela We started early to avoid the heat that we will be facing for a few hours climbing another 700masl and more. This day was the hardest of all, since we have to reach Tapulao before dusk carrying bigpacks and all the required gear stated in UPM. Water was no problem for us, we were hauling litres of water everyday. We walked until we passed Mt. Cable, and Mt. Musang this is where limatiks roam. This is also the part where it is the coldest. 

We arrived at Mt Tapulao around 4pm. Reached the 18km mark and Worldtree around 5pm. We reached the campsite a little over 7pm.

Nothing special in our itinerary just some plans we gathered that could help out other hikers.

Credits to Maru Salvador for this pic.

Water source / Refill plan

JOP Start - 
-Mt. Kinaulaman (795 MASL)
-Mt. Sinilyasi
-Mt. Pimmaryok - 1st water source
-Mt. Mapalan 
Zambales River Camp - water source
End of day1

Day 2 Start
-Mt. Marabinela
-Mt. cable
-Mt. Musang
-Mt. Tapulao (2037 MASL)
Camp 2 Bunker - Water source 
End of day 2

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