Borawan, Dampalitan and Puting Buhangin

Barangay Marao, Padre Burgos, Quezon. Ang layo no?. Yes. It is really far. And I have been driving like crazy since the road was great, and overtaking some slowpokes here and there, Alas, my girlfriend on the passenger seat screaming and cursing all my ancestors like crazy because of all the close calls on approaching cars. My Brother was bouncing left and right still sleeping and my other passenger simply looking at the trees while wind grazes his face like those in a music video.

Quezon Province, it was my first time here, commuting was no problem, get on the bus, kill some time, turn on your google maps and see where in the philippines you are. But driving on the other hand is much more difficult. You can't drive and read a map at the same time, you'll need a navigator. Anyway our route for a private vehicle is going through Rizal and not taking SLEX to-from. ETT was around 4 hrs from Antipolo to Padre Burgos at 4AM. But certain detours and road problems made it like 4.7Hrs, and our route ended up like this.

Pagsanjan Bridge(until June 2013)is Unpassable, Broken, Under Repair therefore you should not pass there. Take alternate routes Cavinti(Wonderful view on Caliraya) or Majayjay(Technical Driving course if you like to drift). You can easily navigate and plan your route in Google Maps. But adjust the route accordingly.

Borawan Beach - Massive Rock Formations
Dampalitan Beach - Land Bridges appear on low tides 4PM onwards and Sinks on high tides. Several marine life can be seen here, and that is why we chose this to be our Camping Spot.
Puting Buhangin Beach - White sand, and a Cave. Yes a Cave. Awesome. And you can also dive from the top of the cave to the sea.

Here is my Itinerary For Commutes

Borawan, Dampalitan, Puting Buhangin
Padre Burgos, Quezon

Day 1 Heading Out

0300 ETD Jac Liner Terminal Kamias Station 24hrs.
0630 ETA Lucena Grand Terminal hail Minibus to Brgy. Marao
0700 ETD Brgy. Marao head to Coastal Grill(Vista Playa) Restaurant, Breakfast, Haggle for boats
0800 ETD from Playa to Borawan
0820 Borawan Beach, explore
0845 Head to Dampalitan Beach
0900 ETA Dampalitan Beach, Pay Entrance/Registration P30ea(2013) and Huts ranging from P500 to P1500, seperate payment for the tents if Tables are only being rented.
0930 Explore Island
1030 Set Camp
1100 Prepare Chibogs
1200 Lunch
1300 Siesta and/or Early Inom
1500 Siesta Proper
1630 Swimming na!
1830 Prepare Dinner
1930 Dinner
2030 Socials

Day 2

Going Back
1000 Brunch
1130 Break Camp
1200 Boat Ride Back to Coastal Grille
1245 Lunch/Merienda
0100 Get on Minibus to Lucena Grand Terminal
0200 ETD Lucena to Manila (Pasay, Cubao, Buendia)
0600 ETA Manila

1. Jac Liner Kamias > Lucena Grand Terminal 3Hours P260 ea
2. Lucena Van  > Barangay Marao, Coastal Grille(Vista Playa) Restaurant 45Minutes P60 ea
3. Coastal Grille(Vista Playa) Boat Ride > Borawan Dampalitan 30M P800-P1800/Boat

1 Kilo of rice per Person
Spam, Vienna Sausage, Corned Beef for Breakfast and Lunch (2 of the ff/pax)
Adobo, Menudo, Caldereta, for Dinner(potluck)
2L Water for Sharing, 1L personal Use, Softdrinks/Juices are Optional
Festive Drinks are Mandatory.

Contact Person Ron James 09496362087(only if you want to avail Packages)
Boat rental
3 Beaches 1800
2 Beaches 1200
1 Beach  800

Here are some pictures
Land Bridges on Low tides
I think she saw Dori!
ok ok ok, now arrange yourselves by height!
Panorama Shot 1
Panorama Shot 2
Where's the Fish?
This is what you do when you remember a song. Make a Video.
Kubo 1Bedroom, Coleman Pioneer 2, Stoic Arx 3 XL
Me so Hungry! Me eat your Chippy!

Special Concerns

Our actual Jump off is a restaurant, they have menus there you could take to your island/beach, you could also ask the boatman to ferry you some food ifneeded to, no additional costs pero mahiya ka naman. As usual the items would be a little pricey and for my range I could tolerate it enough to pay them our good money. Their store includes but not limited to: Canned Goods, Coffee, Juices, toiletries, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Booze, Hard Booze, Energy Drinks, Snacks and Peanuts. Yes. They have Peanuts. may balat and Adobo.

This is where we got surprised. Bring a lot of drinking water probably around 10L (if you have a sensitive stomach then bring more) next is Washing water(Free running water or poso)are sold at the Beach for P40 a container, since the island has no source for drinkable water, they ferry gallons and lots of gallons to the beach, and yes, you will use this to shower after dipping. and Yes again. you will use this to wash whatever you want to wash, this can also be used for cooking. 1 P40 container is good for 2 showers.

There are Entrance Fees, Tent Fees, Cottage Fees(they have different sizes with papag(bamboo? beds), and  if you only need tables, they also have them for P150 only. We got our cottage for P500 with 1 Bedroom with a 3 Person Papag. LOL.

Electricity or any signs of Civilization 
No Electricity. Signal Strenght is good except for Sun Mobile. No light Posts, Bring your Flashlights, You can request for a Bonfire, they will gather some wood(not meant for burning) for you and your needs but i don't recommend it.

Marine Life
Now this disturbed me really. There were people poking, picking, playing with a Starfish, a Jellyfish(yes there are jellyfish present but there is a designated Swimming area for the faint hearted) and a Fish. Now i don't want to go all PETA on you a** but after appreciating its beauty don't effing kill or move the damn Fish! Have they never heard of the Leave No Trace practice?! they could put you in Jail in boracay for that! n00bs.

Land Bridges 
When the low tide settles in, you will see rock formations surface, you can cross them and explore more of the island, since they will make new paths for you. Just take caution because it can be pretty slippery, and snails, tulya, dikya, isda and more lumot are present/trapped on the rocks.

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