My Gear

A camping gear is essential if an individual wants to climb often. A lot of things must be taken into consideration before selecting or purchasing equipment.

Usability - is the first factor.  How often do i need this? There are things that can be borrowed from a fellow hiker that isn't that important to buy at first like tents, you can bunk up with a fellow hiker for this. cook sets stove are also under this category.

Budget - is second, How many uses can I make out of this investment? Price overkills like a 10k Tent, a 7k Cookset or a 10k Camping bag probably issued w/ a porter. Some things are way too expensive to be used once a month or twice a month, now if you are like the dude climbing every week you better invest on these things, no one is going to stop you to invest on the best if you know what i mean.

Brand preference or Style preference - are you a loyal Deuter fan? a Coleman fan? or the TNF athlete? there are also other brands that are worth mentioning and veterans know them, Black Diamond, Marmot, Mammut, Gregory, Vaude, Primus, Petzl, MSR, Kovea, Camelback, Mountain Hardwear etc. Local brands such as Sandugo, Apexus, Conquer, Lakambini and Pitman.

As far I enjoyed hiking, i also have the urge to buy new gears ever paycheck I receive. But I somehow managed to get a grip on buying things, certain things come into mind if I want to buy things that I don't actually need that much like the earth pad that costs around 2k, too expensive for my level, so I opted conquers sleeping pad that costs 350. Here is my list of current Gears and the gears before them.

Before - an Old Oakley outdoorish bag, around 30-35L, Top load, No compression straps of any sort. This was my bag since College that my late father gave me, I've been using it only in out of town trips before I tried Hiking.

Now - A Marmot Centaur 38, Top load, 4 Compression Straps and also a Hydration System. This serves as my Overnight camping bag, I have tried loading it with 15-17 Kilos worth of load(humiram ako ng timbangan nito haha) and trekked for 6hrs and and no stitches were torn. pretty good right? it has a slim design, it is nothing like a Deuter Tower top load bags, this one has discreet style and i like it.

A Deuter Speedlite 20 - Yep this is another addition to my bags my Girlfriend also uses this in their out-of-towns, she was surprised that all her things fitted and compressed. This also has 4 Compression straps, and has a Hydration Sleeve/Pocket.

Update: I also use this as weight training during my uphill runs with load of 5 Lbs.

The North Face Prophet 52L

I got it for Christmas. :) enough said.

Any cottony shirt is my fave. but I'm looking for some drifit shirt that my friends wear. hmm I wonder how it would feel like to wear those kind of shirts. Jerseys give me the itch.

Adidas Climacool technolgy Shirt(Lost on 2nd Maktrav) it has the normal weight and breathability but can get pretty heavy when wet,

Nike Drifit technology it is very light for a shirt but not so heavy when soaked. feels like I'm wearing Silks! I liked it so much 1 now have 2 Nike Running Drifit and 1 Training Drifit.

There is no really before and now on this, i still use my cargo shorts on day hikes if i know it is going to be really hot on the trail, and use my Trekking pants(Conquer, Yellow) for night treks and overnights.

And I bought a new one, a Red Lagalag Trekking pants, quite heavy when wet though, but I'll be using it for the rough/cold weather out there.


The wonderful people(my relatives) living in Canada has been very kind to support me in my climbs, and granted me some aid for my equipment, behold due to popular votes and positive opinions I have concluded that this was a worthy investment, TNF Venture Jacket.


Before - A Sandugo Php 500 Sandals, yep bought it since it was cheap and was ok to use in hiking pico de loro, this was my first overly used foot gear.

Now - Sandugo Helikon(yellow) - yes it is color yellow, now more like maroon from all the dirt and grime it has collected since purchase. For grip it is so-so, i had fewer smaller slips than using the sandals, it is light and sturdy a good hiking shoe for everyone. I'll use it for years before getting a new pair.

Now - Salomon XR Mission, Yup due to opinions and reviews of my trail running friends who are very loyal to Salomon for trail running, I was also intrigued to get one, since im gonna be doing some running myself to get in shape. I got this.

I'm currently looking for a very strong spot headlamp. or flashlight. probably 150+ lumen's 200m beam recharge ability will be definitely a+

Now an Energizer 6Led flashlight. its almost at its end haha, its turning into a horror movie's flashlight. the ones that suddenly don't work and you have to tap it.

Tents can be the status symbol in the mountaineering area. Since tents have different colors and sizes as well as brands and countries, some have invested very much in their tents and bags. Yes bags come in second since you can cover it with a discreet rain cover. I have met people that has local rain covers but with awesome bags. so awesome my first impression was.. baka peke? and then i was like.. tengene orig yan aaaa...

There are different types of tents, as well as brands, local brands are the favorite in the mountaineering circle of friends. Apexus and Conquer are atop.

Before Coleman Sunrise 2P Tent - I know. This is a tent that is not meant for  rain or for light drizzle but this tent that i borrowed from a seasoned mountaineer, saved me from batulao's wind and maculot's rain!

Coleman Pioneer 2P Tent (Tadpole) - This one is one tough tent, heavy TPU for rain and made for heavy use, the floor of this thing is thick and doesn't need any extra footprint. this one is made for rain and wind. Best 4k Tent, I'm not gonna sell this one, I'll e using this for some of the nasty mountains out here.

Stoic Arx 3 XL - this is a dome tent, that can stand light to medium winds as well as light to medium rain pours. it is very light for it's size and can actually accommodate 4 people comfortably. It has a high headroom, but the downside is the floor in this is quite thin, extra footprint must be used if going to be pitched in rocky areas.

Sleeping Bag
 Not really a top priority for me but, its time I get one of my own and invest in it, I got a behemoth of a Sleeping bag, It's the TNF Bighorn, you can literally have a sauna in it.

Stoves are not that important, I mean if you have a companion that already has a stove, you don't have to bring one of your own unless needed to, i bought mine so me and my partner can go overnight at the beach, at the same time camp.

Now - Kovea Moonwalker(Butane) - I didn't like the other stoves since they are more pricey and can go multi fuel (gas or butane) i opted for butane since it is easier to store and much more portable. I also liked the moonwalker because it can handle bigger pots and has built in igniter.

Cook sets
Cook sets goes hand in hand with the stove, if you are buying a stove, better get a cook set also, there are cheap china imitation brands that go half the price of kovea pots. Its better to invest in a good one, you might use this in your home kitchen someday, good brands are, Kovea, MSR and Primus.

Now - A Primus LiTech Superset, its not that awesome but gets the job done, it is big enough to cook rice for 4-5 people. 2 pots and 1 pan, good enough for rice, soup and a menu.

Hydration packs/Streamers/Bladders/Bottles - there are different kind of hydration packs, pwede rin 1.5L Coke Bottle. 

Before Starbucks 1L Bottle - LOL I know right? how the. well.. i haven't had the money to buy at that time so..

Now I use a Deuter Sreamer 2L, not too big not too small, its just right. The main idea of using a streamer is to lessen the time getting the bottle from your bag and returning it again You'll just have to stand and get the hose to drink and continue walking. easy peasy. I'm also thinking of buying a collapsible water bottle.

Now my girl gave me a gift! A Widemouth Nalgene 1L! The Cherry Colored one, that looks like an Asian Hot Sauce container :)

Mess-kits are from spoon to plates, everything you need to eat and drink from.
Before - Lock&Lock Lids and containers. yep tipid mode.

Now - still using the same Lock&Lock. HAHA

Other Stuffs
Sleeves - Tobys or Chris sports shop for PHP150
Duct tape - Wonder tool.
Rope - either made from straw or  nylon.
Scarf - php100 From tiendesitas that can be used as a tube, bonnet, baclava, etc etc.
Raincover - Conquer 40L

Willing to Buy pag nanalo sa sweepstakes:
Nalgene Bottle 2L Thanks Fluffs!
Trekking Pants/Short Thanks Fluffs!
Sleeping bag(local) Thanks Auntie Sarah! and Uncle Mario!
Gym Membership
A Spotlight on my Head (LedLenser or NiteCore) got an Energize instead :)
Compression Shirt and Shorts
TNF Prophet 52 Yellow


  1. Hahahaha! Konti na lang pala natitira sa wishlist mo?

  2. Sir, may I know kung ano yung dimensions for the Coleman Pioneer 2P tent? We're considering that one sana kasi but we have a toddler with us so baka medyo masikip for 2 and 1/2 people. Hehe.

    1. Hello!

      Sorry late rep :)

      yep medyo masikip yung pioneer for 2, i would recommend something on the line of 2-3 persons, like sideout/apexus/conquer tadpole tents, good for a family yun and ample space for your bags and other gears :D